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Thus, although black dragons might dive into salt water to escape foes, they never make their homes in salt marshes.

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For their lairs, black dragons favour systems of caves or hollows with multiple chambers, some partly submerged. A black dragon locates the main entrance underwater and hides the entrance either under thick layers of plant life or under a wall of mud through which the dragon can swim. Black dragons favour coins over other sorts of treasure, because coins can survive long-term immersion better than fragile paintings or sculpture.

Although coins tarnish, they do not rust as other metals do.

One possible reason for this disparity is that, since coins are obviously manufactured rather than naturally occurring, black dragons view them as intrinsically more valuable to their former possessors than gems. A typical clutch consists of five to ten eggs.

Black Dragon

Roughly half of the eggs hatch successfully under optimal conditions. A black dragon remains a wyrmling for about four years. It reaches adulthood at approximately years and becomes an elder around the age of It becomes ancient at around 1, years and passes away by the age of 2, When a deceased black dragon experiences environmental diffusion, the result is an area of abnormal humidity and foul soil.

Few plants grow there, and those that do are poisonous. Any water that collects in the area becomes acidic and burns to the touch—not enough to cause real damage, but enough to hurt. It is not potable. Black dragons appear abnormally slender in comparison to other chromatic dragons—wiry, but not gaunt.

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Although their forward-jutting horns look fearsome, the horns serve no offensive use. When a black dragon submerges, a number of muscular and nervous changes take place. The Story: The Allegra - the dress you always wanted for the destination wedding you have coming up, the honeymoon you're about to embark on, or just for feeling your best sexy-self on a warm night. Ankle grazing with bare shoulders, fitting just snug enough in all the right places.

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