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Without exception, I am your Magnificence. I am your True Nature. Not one human being running around on Earth is lacking Oneness with Me. How strange this seems to you. How strange that you in your fantastic body do not recognize Me in supposed others and in your errant self when, all along, you are Myself!

This is the mystery of the centuries! To solve this mystery is what you have come to Earth to solve, to dissolve, to become Our One United Self. And, so, you are perplexed. Beloveds, you are rowing a boat to where you already are. You are looking for your Name. You are looking for the Unspoken, the Uncaptured, the Unknown. I am Everywhere, and yet, you do not find Me in an encyclopedia, although, I am there too.

Search for knowledge is search for God. All the while, I am sitting right where you are. I seem like a masked rider to you, and, yet, it is you who wears a disguise. Enough of this speculation. Rather than a masked rider, I am more like the heroic steed you ride on. I am ever with you. Of course, I am. I am you, and you are I, and yet, in the world, it may seem that We, I, are at an impasse, and will never surmount the wall that seems to keep Us apart, separated by the very world We created.

And, yet, I know very well where I AM, and deep inside, you, that myth of you, also know. Deep deep within you, submerged, yet there, is your keen realization of Who and What I AM, and, therefore, intimate knowledge of yourself. Yes, your body hampers your awareness because your awareness is on other things like this daily occupation you are occupied with, and, yet, behind it all, AM I, the Truth of Our One Self.

The evidence that I AM is you. You are the evidence of My Existence. You are My Being, and it has ever been so. Just now you are beginning to get the hang of it. I am like a grape high on the vine, and you are almost reaching Me. One more hop, and you will have ascended the heights that are yours and always were. What is a vibration? If you play certain notes on a piano keyboard you might get Hz. The number represents how many times air moves in one second.

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Matter is filled up from this purely vibrational system. What does that actually mean?

What are they doing? They are creating a vibration. They are setting up geometric patterns in your mind and in your heart and in your soul. And the singing; holding certain tones, the sacred chants, the sacred songs, are creating geometric patterns that you might not see, but they iterate into your body. They iterate into your soul. They transform your physiology.

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All of these studies have been done about music being healing; you can actually get a degree in Music Therapy. You go to places where people are sick, and you play the music, and, sure enough, they get better. What if our thoughts can create the vibrations? It is the source of biological life, the source of consciousness, the source of God, actually. It is the source of matter, energy, and time; everything runs off this energy, which actually is simply gravity.

Gravity is intelligence. I propose to you that consciousness, as you think, creates this geometry. When you look at someone who is in a state of stress and misery and pain, and you look at their EKG readings, which is the brainwave activity, what do you think is happening? How much geometry are they creating in their body? This pointing to the image is a tone. What happens to people when they are mediating?

Their brainwave activity becomes sinusoidal it goes in a nice smooth curve. How can get you there? Shamanic drumming, rhythmic repetition of beat patterns, singing and chanting. You are literally creating a crystal pattern in your soul. In the Law of One, when they talk about the chakras, they explain that the way they measure how advanced you are is by how crystallized the energy centers are. When you start crystallizing your throat, when you start crystalizing your third eye, what does this mean? You are literally crystallizing your soul because your brainwaves are creating these new frequencies.

This is the big secret. We are creators.

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Allow Light to flood the cells of your physical body and speak to them. Give them permission to release all the old programing still being held from this and past lives and then avoid reprogramming them again through fear. Learn to trust your intuition, seeking answers about anything and everything from within rather than from the level of the question.

All answers lie within you The unconditioned mind of a person who has attained a consciousness of oneness is able to translate the events of the person's life from a higher level and into forms of completeness and wholeness that are personal to the individual. Everything is being exposed.

It isn't pretty. Everything is up for healing and that is why we are here..

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Hang on its Friday the 13th, full moon the masks are coming down and the shift is hitting the fan. Politics now is not about serving the people it is about power and wealth. There are some who have maintained their integrity and truly have taken positions in politics to serve yet the vast majority have become self-serving.

To them it is service to self, using their positions to implement power over others rather than serve and empower the people. They have also amassed great wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth.

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It has become so decadent and obvious only those suffering from, Terminal Cognitive Dissonance. It is only fitting the fake news people add Andrew McCabe to their roster of paid liars. Wonder how he will be a news advisor from prison after lying four times to the FBI and Congress? There is a war going on, it is interdimensional, and it is between those who truly desire heaven on Earth and those who desire to feed off the pain, suffering, continue with the manufactured lack, illness, death and destruction. You are dying far before your time and it is as if some negative hierarchical force is at war with all creation.

Why is there so much inhumanity against creation? Because there are non-human forces that care nothing about creation, they cannot generate their own light they can only feed off of others. They mask themselves behind noble causes like socialism and environmental and humanitarian projects yet when the facts are laid out their true desires and goals are opposite. What they seek when you bottom line it is power, wealth, and notoriety. They are ego driven self-serving narcissist. When has socialism worked? Name all the genocidal tyrants of the past and you will find each were socialists.

Synopsis In this groundbreaking spiritual book dictated by the Christ Consciousness in the year , Christ refutes religious dogma and explains in lucid and concrete terms the spiritual and scientific Truth of Existence. The book was dictated to a woman who was prepared over 40 years to receive this message from Christ Consciousness--she was told to remain anonymous. The Christ provides the perfect anti-dote to rampant ego-eccentricity, unbridled materialism, religious extremism which are characteristic of our times.

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He explains the fundamental connection between science and spirituality. In friendly loving terms He gives clear, precise, personal advice on how to move forward spiritually. He explains how and why humanity must change its mindset in order to evolve to a new, peaceful dimension. In explaining the real power of the mind and the nature and role of consciousness He calls on humanity to reject the bonds of formal religious doctrines and challenges all people to take responsibility for their acts and to change their consciousness patterns of thought.

He gives a spiritual, non-religious analysis of the human mind and its fundamental spiritual nature explaining in detail the origins and functioning of the Universe and the conception of Christ Consciousness. Many have remarked the high vibratory rate of the work, making it possible for the reader to receive higher inspiration and instruction from the Christ, personally.

Christ says: "The New Testament, as it stands, with all its baggage of misinterpretation is a deterrent to spiritual evolution. None of them were Syrian.

They are themselves escaping terrorists; on a number of occasions, ISIS condemned them for leaving Syria and rejecting its extremist ideology. Facts: The U. Europe processes refugees after they arrive on European soil.

The U. Historically, Muslim immigrants have been better integrated into U. Nearly half of respondents were open to changing their opinions, in particular after learning that most refugees hope to return home.

Christ Returns - Reveals Startling Truth

The majority oppose discriminating on the basis of religion. Key opinion drivers are: feeling a responsibility to help, economic considerations, security, and the need to provide financial assistance. Middle East and Europe syria. Spread The Word.