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Notably, Garfield found a new proof for the Pythagorean theorem in Don Carlos Buell assigned Garfield the task of driving Confederate forces out of eastern Kentucky in November , giving him the 18th Brigade for the campaign.

The march was uneventful until Union forces reached Paintsville, Kentucky , where Garfield's cavalry engaged the Confederate cavalry at Jenny's Creek on January 6 , The Confederates withdrew to the forks of Middle Creek , two miles from Prestonsburg, Kentucky , on the road to Virginia. Garfield attacked on January 9. At the end of the day's fighting, the Confederates withdrew from the field, but Garfield did not pursue them. He ordered a withdrawal to Prestonsburg , so he could resupply his men. His victory brought him early recognition.

In , he re-entered politics, being elected to the United States House of Representatives in He succeeded in gaining re-election every two years up through In the House during the Civil War and the following Reconstruction era, he was one of the most hawkish Republicans, seeking to defeat and later weaken the South at every opportunity.

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In , when James G. In , Garfield was a Republican member of the Electoral Commission that awarded 22 hotly-contested electoral votes to Rutherford B. Hayes in his contest for the Presidency against Samuel J. That year, he also purchased the property in Mentor that reporters later dubbed Lawnfield , and from which he would go on to conduct the first successful front porch campaign for the Presidency.

Garfield National Historic Site. In , Garfield's life underwent tremendous change with the publication of the Morey letter , and the end of Democratic U. Senator Allen Granberry Thurman's term. The Ohio legislature , which had recently again come under Republican control, chose Garfield to fill Thurman's seat.

James A. Garfield

However, at the Republican National Convention Garfield gained support for the party's presidential nomination, and on the 36th ballot Garfield was nominated, with virtually all of James G. Blaine and John Sherman's delegates breaking ranks to vote for the dark horse nominee. Ironically, the U. Senate seat to which Garfield had been chosen ultimately went to Sherman , whose presidential candidacy Garfield had gone to the convention to support.

In the general election, Garfield defeated the Democratic candidate, Winfield Scott Hancock , another distinguished former Union Army general, by electoral votes to The popular vote was much closer; see U. President Garfield took office on March 4 , During his administration, Garfield did his best to mediate Republican Party infighting. Garfield was a leader of the " Half-Breeds ," who supported civil service reform and Hayes's relatively lenient treatment of the postwar South.

His Vice President , Chester A. Arthur of New York , was a member of the " Stalwarts ," who advocated the retention of the patronage system and a tougher stance regarding the former Confederate states.

Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guiteau on July 2 , , A.

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      Microform 1. Filter results. List view Cover view Grouped results view, selected. James A. Garfield James A. Book - The author also excels at uncovering interesting facets of political life in the late nineteenth century such as the origin of filibusters and the timing of modern-day presidential elections and reveals interesting nuances of everyday life in the Gilded Age. And while it is long on captivating political drama, it is comparatively short on penetrating historical analysis.

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