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Only, she wound up falling in love with Clint Barton and almost defecting, until the Russkies played their trump card:.

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Man, look at that. Others looked bad ten minutes after they hit print. Natasha teamed up with two guys with even lamer costumes, probably to make her look better by comparison. Natasha tried to be a good Soviet agent, but seeing Hawkeye getting his ass handed to him made her switch sides again and become a good guy.

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No word on what happened to her folks, though. Presumably they got tortured to death?


Eh, they were old anyway, and they were bound to keel over from alcohol poisoning sooner or later. Who then became really dead when he helped her escape during a mission. But fashion modeling is boring and she updated her look, dyeing her hair red and adopting a new outfit, then picking a fight with Spider-Man to test it out. Then she hooked up with Daredevil for a while, and then headed out west to California.

Then she and Daredevil broke up and she wound up with the Champions, and got involved with Hercules.

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Or Iron Man? And he better update the training program, because those guys suck.

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Instead, Sawyer insists Nick show Romanoff a photo. As Nick pulls it from his wallet he explains to Natasha how the man was either kidnapped or defected back to the Soviets. The man? Bear in mind that in the decades before the internet, the only way a person would have known about this stuff would have been in back issues and reprints. For the first time we could read the background of characters like the Black Widow or… Aquarian.

But honestly, while those were fun to read those volumes are also, well, dry and analytical. But what happens when we jump ahead ten years to and Natasha is 55? No amount of athleticism in the world can offset the inevitability of old age. She might be a clone now. Hell, I lose track of modern comics.

So, does Natasha take the assignment? Is Ivan truly rejoining the Reds? Tune in next time to find out! I am also burnt out on Marvel movies at this point. I think the ship has sailed as far as getting excited about a Black Widow solo movie. If it had come out after Avengers or Winter Soldier, I probably would be champing at the bit. And the best superhero movies from the last few years have been the ones least concerned with all that. Deadpool, Logan, Into the Spider-verse, and Shazam being the best ones.

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That plus various other turns by the Soviets in their training. They generally ignore it to act like she came to form in the s but some do remember her true age. Like, not after Endgame.

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  8. Ah, Marvel Fanfare. Some really good quality work. Carmen pays a visit to Schiller but he denies all knowledge of her blackmailer and asks for a favour: if she can re-open the transport route for a consignment of drugs, he will leave her family alone.

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    Carmen is forced to find a new contact at the harbour before the transport can go ahead. Andre is furious when he finds out about Schiller's stolen stash, but Irwan insists Frans was behind it all. Carmen asks Schiller if they can postpone the transport but he has debts of his own to pay and refuses to delay, telling her he has kidnapped Natalie as insurance. Will Steven squeal to the police?

    Carmen and her children agree to leave Amsterdam by faking a trip on the boat that Frans owned while secretly planning a dash to the airport. Memories about his father's murderer come back to Boris. Or, I guess, it could be both. A prequel seems like the most logical answer, except that would be a strange way to usher in the beginning of the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Especially since Scarlett Johansson is set to star in the film, which would mean just de-aging her like Samuel L. Remember, the Avengers just have a time machine now, so while on the quest to find Black Widow they could interact with past versions of her.