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Those people are the ones who lived on the surface for too long. They are the ones who had their hearts broken, shattered, disposed. They are the ones who learned to not say too much, feel too much, or love too much. They are the ones whose faith fell too short. They are the ones who got tired. They are the ones who gave-up. They are the ones who are with someone but alone. They are the ones who never let someone get too close. They are the ones who no-one knows them for who they are. They are the ones whose love is average.

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You deserve to be with someone like you. The one who hugs you too tight. The one who is not afraid to show you how much power you have over them. The one who finds excuses to show you how much you mean to them.

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The one who showers you with their hopeless romance and cheesy gestures. The one who sees the stars you hide in your eyes.

Love is not something that should be on that list of things we settle for.

The one who feels warm by the fire of your body not the one who gets burned. The one who appreciates the madness of your thoughts. I want the kind of relationship they have. And I've reached the point where I'm convinced that men like my Dad don't really exist anymore. Every time I get involved with someone, I compare him to my Dad. Does he have that je ne sais quoi charm, class and heart my father has? Or is he just another douche who can't even be bothered to open a car door for me? Her new requirements: No baldies, must have a career not a job and can't want to live in the 'burbs.

Honestly if that's what we're calling picky, then I'm a nun—a nun who would never date anyone who wears relaxed fit jeans. Gotta draw the line somewhere. When her original post ran, I defended her right to pickiness while acknowledging that pickiness means limiting your options.

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I would defend it still because Lauren's readers gave her the classic shit we give women who dare to have standards and shake their fist at taking any man they can get: the who-do-you-think-you-are, you're-not-exactly-God's-gift-either variety. The sort we give women in dating advice all the time: Lower your standards, bitch! And countless other pieces of advice along the same lines: If you're picky, you're going to be alone , and it's your fault.

See a Problem?

But here's the thing: Wanting a relationship and wanting marriage don't make you desperate. They make you human. Most people want those things. Some don't, sure, but many do. Looking for it, admitting you want it, going for it, stating it outright, these are all perfectly honest approaches to love. And knowing what you want is going to save you a lot of time.

I hate you, Seattle:

Sure, there's a big difference between a fascist list of superficial criteria that must be met and, say, approaching a relationship with caution, but to me, it reads like Lauren was angling for both: a good match on all the levels that matter. Attraction, shared values, similar life goals. Lauren lives in Los Angeles, but after they scoped each other's social media pics and talked on the phone every day for six weeks, they decided to give the distance a go.

She flew out to meet him, sparks flew, and Lauren writes :. So did he meet all the requirements that everyone told me I was crazy for having in my first essay? He did — Ethan has awesome hair, is the most chivalrous man I've ever met, is brilliant, well-educated, ambitious, and makes me laugh.

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I discovered that when it comes to love, there aren't any real concessions to make. When you really love someone and they love you back, giving in or making a sacrifice isn't really giving in or making a sacrifice — it's just something you have to do, or a step you have to take to get something that's more important than the thing itself.

So while Ethan met all of my not-so-basic criteria, it didn't mean our relationship wasn't a challenge in other ways.

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But just because everything isn't fairy-tale perfect doesn't mean I won't or you can't live happily ever after. So, happy ending, right? Pickiness pays off! Just wait! Don't rush it!