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There is a day grace period into the following month. Standard 7 digit plates 2. Motorcycle plates 5. Trailer plates 6. Purple heart plates are now available for motorcycles. By statute, the new Veterans plates are non-transferable and expire upon the death of the veteran. No transfer credit is allowed. By registering your boat in town, Nelson gets a portion of the registration fee. Dog License Application Form. Dogs must be registered by April 30th of each year.

A rabies certificate is required. Additional dogs are at regular rates. The Town Clerk is responsible for the recording of all vital events that occur in the Town. Vital events include marriages, divorces, civil unions, dissolution of civil unions, deaths, and births. Per New Hampshire state law, vital records are considered closed records and are only accessible to immediate family members. Copies of these records prior to can be obtained at the court where the event took place. Checks are payable to the Town of Nelson.

Positive identification must be shown in order to obtain copies of vital records. Please be prepared to present ID when making requests in person. If sending a request through the mail, a copy of your ID must be sent with the request. Both applicants must appear together and provide the following information on the application worksheet provided when you arrive:.

After the marriage occurs, the officiate completes the license and returns it to the town of application, after which the couple may obtain a copy of the marriage certificate. This can be mail which you have received at a Nelson address, or a receipt for rent paid for your housing.

Our analysis and subsequent valuation updates reveal the following:. An increase in assessment does not necessarily mean an increase for property tax bills. Notifications of new assessment will be mailed out to all property owners on or around August 22nd. Taxpayers who would like to meet with an assessing staff member to review their new valuation can do so by an informal hearing phone number and times will be posted on the notification.

Hearings are by appointment only and will be conducted at Town Hall the second week of September. The meeting is limited to 15 minutes per property owned and any supportive documentation i.

The assessing web page will have new values sorted by Owner Name and by Location as well as a qualified sales list used in the analysis to bring values to full fair market value. These will be posted on August 22, What further recourse does a taxpayer have? Associated costs are set by the court. How does a property owner change the name or mailing address on a tax bill?

May the taxpayer compare assessments to those of their neighbors? How often does the Town update property values? What is the definition of market value? How do I pay for a Permit? Payment can be made with a check or cash. What Codes does the Town of Hampton follow? Jan 1, 3. How do I arrange for an inspection? What are the requirements for a shed? A shed or other accessory building must maintain a minimum of 7 feet from any other structure on the lot in the RA and RB zone districts.

No more than one accessory building is allowed on any lot. What are the requirements for a fence? A fence surrounding a pool must be at least 48 inches high with lockable gate.

Mortgage Foreclosures and Property Tax Liens

The allowable fence height is 6 feet. What is the allowable fence height on a fence? What are my setbacks? Where do I find the zoning ordinances? Pool Information All pools which contain water 24 inches or more in depth at any point must be entirely enclosed by some form of barrier walls, fences, etc. If the water level of the pool is to be maintained by the use of a hose from a hose bibb or sillcock, some means of backflow prevention must be provided.

NEC a An electrical receptacle for a recirculating pump motor must be located at least 5 feet from the inside edge of the pool and must be of the single and locking type. NEC a exception All volt receptacle located within 20 feet of the pool must have ground-fault circuit protection. NEC a Existing lighting fixtures may not be located within 5 feet, measured horizontally, and 5 feet measured vertically from the inside edge of the pool and the maximum water level of the pool.

New lighting fixtures may not be located within 5 feet measured horizontally from the inside edge and 12 feet measured vertically from the maximum water level of the pool. All metal parts must be bonded together by a copper conductor, number 8 or larger, and all electrical equipment, to include the circulator motor, must have an insulated copper grounding conductor, number 12 or larger, which must be run with the circuit conductors in conduit back to the electrical panel.

NEC , 24 and 25 Conductors for in-pool lighting must be run in conduit from the junction box near the pool, back to the electrical panel, and must include an insulated copper ground wire number 12 or larger. NEC Do I need a permit to have a yard sale? What is the height requirement for deck railing? What are my options if my project does not conform with the building code? Are peddlers, hawkers, and Itinerant allowed to conduct business in Hampton? When do I need to obtain a building permit?

How do I obtain a building permit? The following can be obtained at the Building Department office or online : Electrical permits General building permits Mechanical permits New home building permits Plumbing permits Sign permits The application, together with any necessary documentation and fee, must be applied for in person at the Building Department. How long does it take to get a building permit? What is the fee for a permit? When do I need a demolition permit? When does a permit expire? What information do I need to provide when requesting a sign permit?

A detailed design drawing of the proposed sign showing dimensional measurements height and width and the total square footage of the sign itself. Description of where sign or banner is to be mounted. How do I obtain a Certificate of Rental Occupancy? What is a seasonal Rental Certificate of Occupancy? How do I convert a seasonal rental to year-round rental? How do I obtain a burning permit? Burn Permit Guidelines As stated on the permit, the sole liability for damages or other costs including extinguishing caused by your fire are your responsibility. The burn site will be inspected by Hampton Fire and Rescue prior to the issuance of a permit.

Burns shall be located a minimum of 50 feet away from buildings, fences, power lines, etc. Fires are not allowed on the beach in Hampton. The permittee must be at least 18 years old and the legal landowner, or have the landowner's written approval. The written approval must be submitted to receive a permit. The permittee must have proper suppression equipment to maintain control of the fire at all times.

Why does the fire engine respond with the ambulance? Where can I get my blood pressure checked? You can stop by either fire station to have it checked. Where can I get information on youth fire-setter prevention programs? The Fire Prevention Bureau can assist you with this by calling Who can I call with questions about fire extinguishers?

Where can I learn CPR? Are fireworks allowed in Hampton? Ordinance The Chapter 6, Article Town ordinance reads: The sale, possession, or display of fireworks is prohibited in the Town of Hampton, except for displays as permitted by RSA B:7 Those are public displays that require a state and local permit Contact Us For more information or if you have any questions please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at Can I pay my property tax online?

What day is my trash and recycling picked up? What is stormwater? Is it treated? Where does stormwater go? Is it harmful?

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What can you do to help? There are many ways you can help. Prior to fertilizing your lawn, get your soil tested to see if your lawn needs fertilizer, and use the appropriate amount. If pesticides are necessary, spot treat only.

Duties & Responsibilities

Keep your car tuned up and free of leaks, and dispose of auto fluids and batteries at designated locations. Also, use phosphorous-free detergent when washing your car. What is the Town doing to help? Where can you get more information? Who do I talk to regarding a question about my assessment?

Are sewer and water included in the tax bills? Sewer is included in all tax bills, it is not itemized and there are no final readings; water is billed by Aquarion Water Please call assessing to inquire if a property is on town sewer or water. A sewer abatement is available to property owners who do not have sewer available. If your taxes are paid in full, you should receive a check the following spring for your refund. If your taxes are not paid in full, the rebate is applied to outstanding taxes.