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Without attribution, you have no way of being sure of the authority of the information, or even who has provided it. Because of the nature of Classical texts, as works that were composed long before printed editions and even "pages" , they have a specialized format: Primary Sources e.

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The format of secondary sources is more typical, with slight variation between citations that appear in-text and those in footnotes. After giving the full citation the first time you use a source, you can use "Ibid. More on using Ibid.

The exact format of a work depends on the nature of that work. Here are links to examples of the most common types. If a type you need to site does not appear on this list, contact your professor. Quotations are not substitutes for argumentation but should support your argument by providing evidence. They fail to provide a context for the quotation and does nothing to advance the thesis. Moreover, in the first quotation line numbers are not provided, so the context of the quotation is even further obscured.

COMMENT: Here the quotations are adequately contextualized and cited, and clearly used to support a specific contention that advances an argument.

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COMMENT: Here, a short quotation is given in quotation marks and is not set apart from the text of the analysis; the title is italicized and abbreviated with a standard abbreviation, and then the book number is given followed by the line number. A period is the standard way to separate book and line numbers. My intention is to tell of bodies changed To different forms; the gods, who made the changes, Will help me — or so I hope Line breaks are preserved. The citation is essentially the same in format as in the previous example, except that several verses are quoted, and so we have 1—3 instead of just 1 for the line number.

In his Symposium , Plato depicts a very interesting speech by the historical figure Alcibiades a3—b7.

The Essential Odyssey

When you refer to something without quoting it directly, you should usually still give a citation telling your reader where to find the passage you are referring to. Classics uses a specialized, precise method of citiation. The proper format for citing classical texts:. Omitting Name of Work : If an author wrote only one work, you may omit the name of the work; for example: Herodotus 9.

Abbreviations : Most classical authors and texts do have standard abbreviations that you may want to employ; these can be on page xxix ff. NOTE : If you are including a parenthetical citation at the end of a sentence — e. Homer, Odyssey 1. The format differs slightly for citations that appear embedded in body of the paper and those that appear in the footnotes.

Always include author, date, and page numbers. Your readers can then consult your Bibliography for the full citation of the work. For citations in your text proper rather than in a footnote , surround the information with parentheses and place before the final punctuation of the sentence. If you are referring to both the same source and page number, you need only put "Ibid.

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