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But our wise Heavenly Father prepared a wonderful, merciful plan to save us from physical and spiritual death. He planned for a Savior to come to earth to ransom redeem us from our sins and from death. Because of our sins and the weakness of our mortal bodies, we could not ransom ourselves see Alma — The one who would be our Savior would need to be sinless and to have power over death. There are several reasons why Jesus Christ was the only person who could be our Savior. One reason is that Heavenly Father chose Him to be the Savior. He was the Only Begotten Son of God and thus had power over death.

No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. Jesus also qualified to be our Savior because He is the only person who has ever lived on the earth who did not sin. This made Him a worthy sacrifice to pay for the sins of others. As you read this section, imagine yourself in the Garden of Gethsemane or at the cross as a witness of the suffering of Jesus Christ.

The Savior atoned for our sins by suffering in Gethsemane and by giving His life on the cross. It is impossible for us to fully understand how He suffered for all of our sins.

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Later, as He hung upon the cross, Jesus suffered painful death by one of the most cruel methods known to man. How Jesus loves us, to suffer such spiritual and physical agony for our sake! On the third day after His Crucifixion, Christ took up His body again and became the first person to be resurrected.

His spirit had reentered His body, never to be separated again. Christ thus overcame physical death. This condition is called immortality. Think about how the parable in this section helps us understand the Atonement. Whom do the people in the parable represent in our lives? Although all people will be resurrected, only those who accept the Atonement will be saved from spiritual death see Articles of Faith Through this faith, we repent of our sins, are baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and obey His commandments. We become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are forgiven and cleansed from sin and prepared to return and live forever with our Heavenly Father. Christ did His part to atone for our sins. To make His Atonement fully effective in our lives, we must strive to obey Him and repent of our sins. It seemed more important than anything else in his life. I had faith in that lady who served it. We receive the witness of men. When your doctor writes you a prescription, you look at it, and although you can't read it, pronounce it, or understand it, you give it to a pharmacist who puts pills in a bottle.

Then, without a second thought, you take them home and swallow them. In the same way, through faith we receive the witness of God through the Spirit that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead for our sanctification. There is, therefore, no excuse for not believing. The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit will help anyone to believe who wants to believe. First the Spirit witnesses to us; then He witnesses in us. Before I got saved, He witnessed to me. He told me what Christ did is true. Now He witnesses in me. I have the witness in myself. Suppose I am enjoying myself by eating a piece of apple pie, and you come to me and say, "There is no such thing as apple pie.

I don't believe in apple pie. And if there is apple pie, it is no good.

Despite your arguments, I have the witness within me. I have the witness on the inside. A Christian with a testimony is never at the mercy of an unbeliever with an argument, because he has the witness in himself.

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  5. Here is the basis of our belief. Here is the reason for our certainty. We are not just gullible fools. Jesus Christ died.

    Kundalini Serpent/Lucifer/Satan is a Traitor - only Jesus Christ can Save Souls!

    He came by water and blood. The Holy Spirit of God says yes, that is true. It is all attested by the Word of God. To doubt the Bible is to call God a liar. Some say, "Well, I'm trying to believe. Either this is His Word—His inerrant, infallible Word—or it is not. And the work of Christ, the witness of the Spirit, and the Word of God all say it is.

    It is fact, a matter of record. Let me give you another example. Suppose I am in a courtroom, and the judge says to me, "Mr. Rogers, are you married? You see, I was there in the church, and I saw Joyce coming down the aisle. My heart got all twitterpated, and I was so happy.

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    Your honor, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world to be married. When I'm finished, the judge will say, "I'm sorry. While I am glad you feel that way, your feelings are not evidence in this courtroom.

    Saved From What?

    Do you have some proof? Then I go down to the courthouse. And I get that document, notarized, signed, and sealed, and I bring it before the judge. And he accepts my marriage as proven fact. My salvation does not hinge on my emotions. I have an official record. I have the Word of God: "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God: that ye may know that ye have eternal life" 1 John One night while out soul-winning, I asked a man if he wanted to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

    After we prayed together, I said, "Now, sir, I want to give you your spiritual birth certificate. We started to read it through again. Then I told him, "It's Jesus who is speaking. Do you believe this? I said, "Let's read it again. Again, he answered yes to every question except the last. Again, he said, "Well, I hope so. This time, when I asked him if he had everlasting life, the light went on inside.

    God says so! That is the basis of your belief. That's the source of your certainty. Isn't it better to have God's Word than Adrian's or your neighbor's or your opinions, emotions, wishes, or whims? In addition to the root of our belief, we need only look at the fruit of our behavior to know whether or not we are truly saved.

    What has Jesus done in me? Is this all just some intellectual exercise, or has there been a change? The Apostle John is very practical here. He shows us how our salvation ought to show up in our behavior, and he gives three tests. I wonder if John had been in a testimony meeting where somebody was bragging about being saved—saying he was, but his walk and his talk did not get together. If you say you are saved, it is absolutely going to show up in your life. You are going to be keeping the commandments of God.

    You do not keep the commandments of God in order to be saved; you keep the commandments of God because you are saved.

    What Must I Do To Be Saved?

    This presents a serious problem, because not one of us has always kept all of God's commandments. I haven't since I've been saved, and you haven't since you've been saved. Yet the Bible says that we know we are in Him in that we keep His commandments. Both the problem and the solution are found in the word keep. It is actually a mariner's word. In the apostles' day, sailors navigated by the stars.

    And a sailor setting his course by the stars was said to be "keeping the stars. To keep God's commandments, then, means to use the Word of God as the Guide for our lives.

    Only Jesus can save you!

    It is the desire of every child of God to live by His Word. While we may be blown off course, distracted, or confused, the goal of our lives is to keep the commandments of God. Ever since I gave my heart to Jesus, there has been a deep, divine, radical change; and there is in me a burning desire to live for God. And there should be in you, too, if you are saved. This is not to say that I don't sin anymore. The difference is that before I got saved I was running to sin; now I am running from it. And if I fail, I turn right around and start running away again.

    The commandment test says: if you can willfully and knowingly sin against the will of God with no conviction, no compunction, and no remorse, you need to get saved. A lot of people say, "Well, I walked down an aisle somewhere, and I got saved. I know I'm just an old backslider now, but I'm still saved and going to heaven. No, you are not. If you are living that way—high, wide, and handsome—and it does not break your heart, then you do not know the God of the Bible. When I am saved, I want to be right with my Father, and I want to be right with my brother. But there are some who would say, "Well, I'm saved, but I have no use for the church.

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    Jesus sent by the Father for the salvation of the world

    This is the most important question in human existence and one whose answer is clearly outlined in scripture. In order to be saved we must first realize our true state of sinfulness before God and know that He alone can save us, cleanse us, and give us eternal life. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the only way and we can not have access to God through any other means.

    In fact, in John , Jesus plainly stated God loves you so much that he made a way for you, through the shed blood of his son so that you might be able to spend eternity with Him. Man is a Sinner, and Sin has Separated him from God! You may think you are a good person but being good is not enough!