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She looked good for someone who never exercised. Good is describing her appearance so the adjective is needed. He smelled well for someone with a cold. He is actively smelling with his nose so the adverb is needed. Rule: Well , although more often an adverb, functions as an adjective when referring to health. Homonyms often cause confusion.

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Here are a few tricky ones, mostly all vs. Allot vs.

The expression a lot means "many" or "much. A lot …. Last week we began our review of using pronouns that help guide rather than trip our written eloquence. We started with pronouns as clause subjects, for objects, before assertive or attributive expressions, and after than or as. Many of us have been there before: We're writing or speaking with confidence in our content. For a secret second, we might even feel, well, educated. Then, unbeknownst to us, improper pronouns leak in and sabotage the impression we were making.

Worse yet, we may not know how or why our eloquence tripped. Using the ….

Fewer refers to things that are countable. Examples: We had fewer people at the fundraiser than we had hoped. Fewer tornadoes occurred this year than last year. If something has happened there, then we are not aware of it. Show me the code": Linus Torvalds. Technology is at the heart of any online business. Be it Facebook, Uber or Airbnb.

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The code, that is what gives these companies their strategic advantage. So you would almost expect Ritesh, who loved coding so much, to have built a product—perhaps all by himself or with some help. And to then acknowledge the person. The website Oravel. Ritesh needed customization. For that Pandya was willing to work and he did initially, but he needed more money.

This was also the time when Ritesh was out in the market looking for funding. Apoorv R. Sharma , executive vice-president at VentureNursery, reached out to him. So we thought that with some mentoring, he could get a chance and fly. In April, Ritesh got into the programme. But it came with a condition.

He must find a co-founder. Enter Manish Sinha. Ritesh reached out to him to become the co-founder at Oravel. But their arrangement was clear and at the same time, flexible. Even as all this was happening, Ritesh was having trouble on the website. On 29 June, Ritesh sent an email to Gupta. They were interested, but they wanted to mull it over.

Around this time, Ritesh and Sinha started working together. The idea: a retro Bollywood theme. We met a year ago app July and became good friends by Nov. While at the time he overlooked this tiny detail, Sinha denies that he knew Ritesh since July The partnership, though, got the people at VentureNursery excited. It also helped that Kiran, thanks to his background in advertising, had heard of Sinha. Post-mentoring, training and networking, part of the VentureNursery incubation programme, in late September both Ritesh and Sinha travelled to Mumbai to make a pitch to VentureNursery and its set of angels.

In fact, at the time, Oravel had a relationship with not more than five property owners. The listings were picked up from various other booking sites and plugged into Oravel. As Sinha puts it, his brotherly love for Ritesh was at its best in September Most important, the idea of OYO, low-cost standardized inns, was his.

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The news that an year-old had secured seed funding for a start-up was splashed everywhere. Oravel grew. Team size? On 31 December , the last day for filling up the application form, Ritesh applied for the Thiel Fellowship. Little did he know that his life was about to change. Looking forward buddy. Jain and Gupta then flew down to Gurgaon to formalize the relationship. Except, no documentation and no offer letter. Over the next couple of months, the team got cracking on the job. Even as all this was happening, Pandya of NCrypted had been hounding Ritesh for money and for the credit on the Oravel website which had suddenly gone missing.

On 6 March , Ritesh raised this issue in an email to Gupta. Then, the big news came. Ritesh had been shortlisted for the Thiel Fellowship and had to fly to San Francisco for an interview and make a pitch for Oravel. The company went into a tizzy making preparations. The people at the Thiel Foundation were sold on the passion and vision of a year-old from India. Both Salil Aggarwal and Jain say that the numbers are far, far dressed up.

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Why did they agree to it? Also, Tejpal never went to college in the US. In May, Ritesh was selected for the Thiel Fellowship. It was big news. Almost overnight, he became the poster boy of entrepreneurship. VentureNursery arranged for a PR agency for press interviews. Now back to our story; after Ritesh left for the US, it all went south. Jain and Gupta had been getting a bit jittery. Their offer had still not materialized into a shareholder agreement.

In an email on 6 June, Gupta sent Ritesh a reminder. Two days later, Ritesh replied saying that he had been busy. He promised to close the agreements soon and send the cheques. In Delhi, Salil Aggarwal was getting worried too. He had been working without a salary, except for a few reimbursements for rent and office expenses. He often discussed the issue of a stake with Tejpal but nothing came out of it. Things took an ugly turn in June. Jain sent a long and terse email to Ritesh, saying that they had ceased all other work to focus on Oravel.

Twenty-four hours became a month; the letter never came. The issue was hanging fire in July when Ritesh got back to Delhi. She directed him to her husband instead. Gulati, though, got back to Shilpi. Manish, hopefully we will meet you when Ritesh is back. Ten minutes into the meeting Ritesh pushed a paper towards Sinha and asked him to sign it.

He then excused himself and stepped out. Sinha picked up the paper, thinking it must be a bill or something. But as he read it, the colour drained from his face. I just flung the paper on the table and walked out. Later in the day, Ritesh called Sinha to apologize and explain the situation. He blamed VentureNursery, says Sinha. And that he was trying to get me a good deal. After what had happened, Sinha was depressed. He discussed the issue with his wife. Both concluded that the relationship had hit rock-bottom, and if this was what Ritesh and VentureNursery wanted, then he should move on.

Sinha did not reach out to VentureNursery to clarify or discuss this matter, a decision he now regrets.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

On 10 August, a few days after the argument, Ritesh emailed Sinha an apology. Age and Ageing collection: Longitudinal studies of ageing. Care homes in Wales: Your questions answered. Fact sheet. Welsh Continuing Care consultation. How well do we manage patients with diverse religious and cultural needs at the end of life? How do we recognise and act upon the duality of being a family caregiver and clinician?

Doctoring, fast and slow. New horizons in radiotherapy. What do patients want? Priorities for change in the NHS. Keeping planes in the air - learning the art of interdisciplinary working. Big data in geriatric research.

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Clinical guidelines on dementia. We are a Society that works hard to improve the care of older people, and supports and guides fellow professionals - Dr Adhi Vedamurthy. RT irishgerontsoc : Announcement.