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The Pony Express, meanwhile, had an average delivery time of just 10 days.

Top 10 Facts about the Connemara Pony

To achieve this remarkable speed, company owners William H. Russell, William B. Lone horsemen would ride between stations at breakneck pace, switching mounts every miles and then handing their cargo off to a new courier after miles. The relay system allowed mail to criss-cross the frontier in record time.

Postmark, Pony Express, Despite its enduring place in Old West legend, the Pony Express never turned a profit during its year and a half history. The company began making deliveries in April , but service ground to a halt just a few weeks later when the Pyramid Lake War erupted between the United States and the Paiute Indians. Rather than burly cowboys, most of the riders were small, wiry men who weighed between and pounds—roughly the same size as a modern horseracing jockey. Pony Post, Lithograph. They are kind, caring, willing and trusting. They are extremely intelligent and very trainable.


They have a natural jumping ability with a rectangular frame which also makes them suitable for dressage. They have great athleticism and versatility which allows them to excel in all disciplines and make great all rounder ponies. They make fantastic competition ponies, safe riding pony for children and leisure ponies for activities such as beach trecking and trail rides.


Fun Pony Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Ponies

The Connemara pony is one of the larger pony breed. They vary in height from The Connemara pony must be The most dominant colour is grey and dun, their are also bay, brown, black, chestnut, roan and palomino. The Connemara pony were heavily relied on in times gone by. They were the backbone of many farming families who loved them dearly. They did not have a day rest. Today however, the can enjoy a more modern and enjoyable live style. He won open championship by clearing fences that were 7 foot in height. The Nugget : won over hundred international competitions. Stroler: A half bred Connemara.

Theses are just a small selection ,their are many more famous Connemara ponies that have made history. They then decide which ponies to keep on the moor and which to sell. The foals are usually weaned from their mothers at this time. The ponies are very hardy and actually thrive on Dartmoor despite the harsh weather and poor vegetation.

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In fact, by grazing the moorland they play a vital role in maintaining a variety of habitats and supporting wildlife. Because of their calm temperament, strength and surefootedness, the ponies have been used for many varying purposes, and this has led to the breeding and development of the different types that are seen on the moor today. Over the years they have been used as pit ponies, for shepherding, or taking the family to market and on occasion even carrying the postman to deliver the mail.

The very small ponies are the result of breeding with Shetlands and were used originally in the mining industry. Ponies with mixed colouring e. With proper training, the various types can make excellent driving or riding ponies. Enjoy Dartmoor. Travel information. Top ten things.

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