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We consider what positive thought is helpfull right now. We develop a positive thought and set it in place of the negative thought. If we make this at the long term, our negative thoughts are becoming less and our positive thoughts grow more and more.

8 Ways To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive

Nils was able to overcome his depression by this technique. The constant observation of thought is the essence of positive thinking. Often we overcome our negative thoughts already through the constant observation of our mind. We are aware of our negative thoughts and that already deprives them their power. Sometimes we have to intervene forcefully. And just at the beginning of our mental work we should be relatively strict with our thoughts.

If our inner children are educated good, we can give them a little more freedom. The fourth step is the stabilization of positive thinking. It is not easy all day to control our negative thoughts. We need strong helpers to keep us on our long-term path of inner happiness. Such helpers are the daily spiritual reading in a book, the daily oracle reading, the daily meditation, walking and a group of positive thinking people.

Positive Thinking: 5 Superb Hacks For A More Positive Attitude

Very good it is to distribute some caregivers throughout the day. We create our system of daily happiness exercises. We're putting so many exercises for us in right intervals in the day that we keep ourselves constantly on the path of the positive. We stay with perseverance on our way of wisdom and happiness. If we fall off the path once, we stand up again next day.

In particularly difficult situations helps the constant change of lying hearing meditation music , reading praying, chanting , sports yoga, walking and work doing good to others. We are practicing it for so long until our negative emotions have calmed down und we are positive again. The supreme principle of conduct in suffering situations is outwardly behaving properly and at the same time managing the thoughts and feelings as well as possible. Is the difficult situation outside gone, we can heal our emotional wounds.

At certain points of the problem we got inner tensions. This tensions must be resolved again when the external stress situation is over. In the long term they affect our mental well-being. They lead to neurotic behavior and can cause physical illnesses. If a problem affects you emotionally, it is good to do a helpful ritual. Think first about the problem. Thinking leads to constructive engagement with the problem. You realize that you can do something. You are not a helpless victim. You can live as a winner. You can solve the problem in any way.

What is your helpful idea about your problem? Read a few pages in a spiritual book. Think about which book you need now. A spiritual book has a positive energy field. If we spend some time in this energy field, we get a positive spirit. Which book will strengthen your positive energy?

Read it! After reading, take a walk for an hour or dance 20 minutes as you like. Move all the rage and excitement out of your body. Think a Mantra a positive sentence and do a meditation stop your thinking five minutes. Then think about your problem. Usually you will come to rest mentally in half an hour.

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Half an hour then go just you like. You will be able to have positive ideas. Make after the walk some yoga exercises creative hatha yoga and a long meditation in sitting meditation with the inner voice or lying down. Hook up a nice music and remain lying down for so long, until your mind completely is at rest. Arise then again, eat something nice and think about what you need now. Give it yourself. Often it is very helpful to do something creative.

We can paint, write, make music and express our feelings on our personal way. We can do something good for our fellow human beings and thus bring us into the energy of love.

8 Ways To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive - Due

What is your way of love now? If the problem is very big, you can do several rounds of reading, walking, doing good, enjoying and meditating. Usually you get then to the point, where peace arises within you. Be very gentle with you and heal emotionally more and more. If a problem can not be solved in one day, stop after a while your thinking about the problem. Forbid you every further reflection. Avoid harmful rumination, which leads to nothing and only reinforces the internal stress. For large problems, you can take every day a certain time for problem handling.

To solve emotinal problems is a creative process. You must feel exactly what you need now. What is currently the best way to solve your problem, to find inner peace and positivity? People are different and require different strategies. It is important to avoid self-defeating behaviors, such as tablets, smoke, drink, drugs, alcohol or eating too many sweets. It is better to manage the problem with the techniques of inner happiness. Then we grow spiritually on our problems. We grow inwardly on the problems of life until we will find ever lasting happiness.

In every life there is pain, loss, illness, loneliness and death. We have no claim to a long life still to be spared by fate. What is your pain today? The problem: Describe briefly your situation and your problem. How exactly is your situation? What is the problem? Where is the center of the problem? Why is EquiSync better than the rest? How do our audio tracks produce such deep meditative states?

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Just the tip of the iceberg! Feel "At One" With All. Beat Loneliness. How meditation conquers loneliness. Want to fortify your immunity? Pumping us full of highly addictive chemicals, food can be a drug. Meditation's "natural high" solves this beautifully. Crank Up Your "Longevity Molecule. Luckily, meditation helps us swim in it. While we don't believe in the mythical "fountain of youth" like our ancestors, one magic molecule is making a strong case. Common sense says that, when food cravings hit, we have two options: give in or resist. How meditation unlocks urge surfing. Chronic pain can become so ingrained that we feel it's who we are.

Here's why meditation is the best pain relief tool. Short telomeres are linked to the whole medical dictionary. Meditation makes our telomeres long, strong, disease begone. How Meditation Increases Intelligence. The prefrontal cortex is the smartest brain region of all. Our screen time and long work hours have taken a heavy toll on our body's "sleep molecule.

Boost Your "Natural High" Endorphins. Responsible for the wonderful sense of euphoria we sometimes feel, endorphins are super important for human happiness. Why quieting the mind is so vital. After stripping away all of the reasons we gain weight, what's at the root? The mind. Master yours with meditation. Run Away From Anxiety. Why is physical exercise so effective at relieving anxiety, a mental disorder? Fill yours up with meditation. Be cool. Whether you're a college student cramming for exams or a professional climbing the ladder, you can unleash your memory.

Father time robs a tiny fraction of our precious brain resources every moment of every day. Meditation reverses that trend. This means a worried, anxious mind has a new negative thought every couple of seconds. How meditation quiets the mind. The Mind-Body-Anxiety Connection. Times are stressful. Only a master can maintain a calm mind in our non-stop, chaotic world.

Luckily, there's meditation. Meditation Plays Genes Like Mozart. Here's why meditation matters so much.

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see It's called meditation. One study had a group of heart patients practice meditation over the course of one year. And the results were jaw dropping. We all wish we had more hours in the day. Master sleep efficiency. How To Neutralize Bipolar Disorder. From a variety of angles, here's why bipolar disorder can't live in the brain of a meditation practitioner.

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Under chronic stress, our body floods with cortisol. Long Telomeres Make Long Lives. How meditation checkmates father time. Uncap Your "Calm Chemical" Firehose. Love yourself with meditation. Here's why. From inception to delivery and beyond , here are the wonderful ways meditation benefits both mom and baby.

With such overwhelming age defying scientific evidence, it's easy to see why meditators so often look decades younger.

2. Scan for the 3 daily positives.

Think back to a time when you experienced "flow. Do it again with meditation. Here are four ways building your brain can fortify your immunity.