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E-filing for Unlawful Detainers: Throughout the state, courts are moving towards e-filing civil actions including unlawful detainers. As the name implies, e-filing allows parties to transmit documents directly to a court electronically.

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The system is being utilized by an increasing number of courts seeking to create a faster, paperless system. As of October , 19 counties have implemented electronic filing programs. The passage of this bill may lead to increased vendor activity in areas adjacent to residents or businesses. In response, some cities, such as San Francisco, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood, have passed local legislation to limit electric-scooter rentals in their cities.

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Notably, the ban on rental motorized scooters in the City of Beverly Hills is currently being challenged by Bird an electric-powered scooter rental company in court. Landlords may want to consider adding language to their leases to restrict on-property use of these devices. However, if someone needs to use the device for mobility reasons, they should be allowed as an accommodation for a disability.

KTS has a motorized device addendum available for purchase that governs the use of these and other motorized devices for mobility-impaired residents. During the month of June, HUD issued notices of violation against eight HUD-assisted California properties for violations of lead safety rules and regulations. The Act creates specific consumer protections, including the right of a consumer to request the deletion of their personal information, with some exceptions.

The law will go into effect as of January 1, Many cities and counties are exploring the implementation of rent control ordinances in their jurisdictions. This past year, San Jose made significant amendments to its existing rent control law, including a new ordinance prohibiting owners of rent-controlled properties from using Ratio Billing Systems RUBS to pass on utility charges to tenants. Local rent control measures in Santa Cruz and National City were also rejected by voters.

Despite these victories, the battle over rent control will continue to be debated into the foreseeable future. KTS anticipates that rent control will continue to remain a major issue for landlords in the coming years. Proposition 65 requires disclosures by employers who have 10 or more employees and who may expose their employees or the public to specific listed chemicals. There are more than chemicals listed. Some of the environmental hazards are contained in items common in rental property, such as building materials, cleaning materials, car exhaust, and tobacco smoke.

For some time, landlords have been uncertain about how to comply with their Proposition 65 obligations.

Generally, in an effort to comply with Proposition 65, landlords have posted signage on their properties. Some also have also included Proposition 65 warnings in their leases.

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Effective August 30, , a new regulation changes the safe harbor warnings. Use of the new warnings is not required, but using the safe harbor warnings is an effective way for businesses to protect themselves from Proposition 65 claims. They also include:. It also encourages state agencies to engage in similar efforts when drafting policies, regulations, and guidance. While there is no action to be taken by landlords with regard to this resolution, it is an important reminder that gender, gender identity, and gender expressions are protected classes in California.

The law, parts of which went into effect on September 1, , and parts of which will go into effect on January 1, , provides for the following:. Previous law required employers with 50 or more employees provide sexual harassment training to supervisory employees and did not mandate sexual harassment training for nonsupervisory personnel. The grants will be used to fund testing and enforcement activities to prevent or eliminate discriminatory housing practices. Luzon Project Mgmt. Therefore, we offer an initial complementary consultation meeting, and a series of inspections throughout the year to ensure the protection of our clients and their properties.

Here you will find a wide variety of useful information and resources designed to help you buy or sell a home more effectively in the San Francisco areas. From information on the local community to advice about finding a mortgage or preparing your home to sell, it's all available here on our website.

You can also search for your ideal home by viewing current listings with detailed descriptions and photos. Or you can get help determining the value of your home by requesting a report that includes the prices of similar homes that recently sold or are currently for sale in the San Francisco areas. Knowledge to help you reach great heights with your property management business—and deliver to your residential and community association owners.

Improve your efficiency and prepare your business to take on more doors with ease. Optimize your property accounting and tax processes. Stay up to date on the latest regulations.

Adopt actionable online marketing strategies to generate leads and increase your units under management. Find the best people for your business.

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