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We live in a time when the lost, often unwittingly, "exchange the truth of God for the lie" Romans Scripture foretold of this time: "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect" Mark To lure the unsuspecting into their web of deceit, psychics often endorse themselves with such titles as being an "accredited psychic" or a "proven psychic" or a "registered psychic.

Sadly, it is often people who are at their lowest point who are the most vulnerable to this deception. Surprisingly, the same hunger is portrayed in the Church. I am not talking about Christians who are consulting with fortune-tellers, although it may shock you to learn that hordes of God's people are doing so. What I am addressing is the temptation of Christians to make "fortune-tellers" out of those in the Church with a prophetic gift.

They believe that prophetic people should have an answer anytime to anything the inquirer wants to know. They treat prophetic individuals as if they were "Christian psychics. In my immaturity, I succumbed to the demand of hungry inquirers who were a part of the Body of Christ or who sat in the pew next to me. However, we do not need to be driven by this demand. We as prophetic people are not in competition with occult practitioners.

Nor are we to take the place of God, who longs to speak individually to each individual through His Holy Spirit.

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The Lord gives all of us the assurance that if we call on Him, He will answer us in ways that will astound us Jeremiah ; Matthew At the same time, God gives some individuals prophetic words and insight that we need to hear, just as Ananias brought God's word to Saul, before he was known as the apostle Paul Acts To everything, however, there is a time and a season Ecclesiastes b. They may ask, "If I "know" the answer to someone's question, should I feign ignorance or lie? Although God has revealed many things to him about future events, and the economy in particular, my friend has felt impressed by the Holy Spirit not to reveal everything God shared with him publicly.

Instead, he committed what the Lord showed him to prayer. So, when my friend was asked publicly about the economy, I watched with amazement as he responded with godly wisdom to the hungry demands of others. Although my friend had a very clear word from God, he wisely said to eager inquisitors: "The economy is a very complex thing and has confused even the most educated men.

What do you think God is saying? Instead, he responded as Jesus often did -- by answering a question with a question. From God's perspective, everything has a proper time or cycle Ecclesiastes While God may reveal to a prophetic person future events or the answer to a problem, it may not be the time to reveal it. We must walk in the Spirit of Wisdom and discern the proper times and seasons. God who is all knowing has granted to us as prophetic people a sliver of revelation.

Therefore, we do not need to appear as "prophetic know-it-alls. In fact, one sign of spiritual immaturity is when we try to answer everything that is asked of us! Remember, "Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; when he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive" Proverbs Usually, a person's insecurity and need for recognition causes a person with a prophetic gift to respond prematurely and presumptively. It was not the exercise of His own will, but the will of His Father John He was not attuned more to the psychic powers within him than most psychics and shamans, but rather attuned perfectly to the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit had conceived Him, dwelt within Him, filled Him, baptized Him.

So also we do not tune into some psychic force. It is only in covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit indwelling us that we have that ability. There is a clear distinction between the supernatural powers that Simon and Elymas possessed and those that are from the Spirit of God. The efficacy of these powers is not denied. In fact, Ac. The python spirit was related to the Delphic oracle.

She clearly believed in God or gods and demonstrated true clairvoyant psychic powers. If we apply this 18 Gerhard Kittel, ed. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, trans. Geoffrey W. Bromiley Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, , Sorcery or Witchcraft Gr. Sorcery can indeed begin with natural experiences in the human psyche as Kelsey suggests, for Paul calls it a work of the flesh or nature Gal. Bewitched Christians. Further, Paul contends that such works of the flesh are contrary to oppose and the Holy Spirit v. He even indicates that Christians can become bewitched Gal.

The Greek word here is baskaino, meaning to charm, deceive, or cast a spell. So the Scripture clearly leads people away from any psi activity that could be tied to occult involvement.

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Works of Power—From Nature or Spirit? Then he writes that God provides the Spirit who works miracles lit. Para-normal powers in the New Testament church did not come from some tapping into a natural psychic force on a higher level, but from a totally different source—the Spirit of God. For all three of these New Testament writers, that which is psychikos—soulish, psychic— is not of the Spirit of God. That which is psychikos is to be distinguished from that which is pneumatikos, that is, of the Spirit. Jude writes that that which is psychikos is devoid of the Spirit.

James goes so far as to link psychikos with that which is demonic. However, that power is not our own, but the power of the Holy Spirit, and that power does not reside in everyone, but only in believers. Spiritual gifts, or gifts of the Spirit, are just that—gifts from the Holy Spirit who indwells the believer in Christ 1 Corinthians , A person who does not have the Holy Spirit cannot receive the gifts of the Spirit. Jesus made it clear that the world cannot receive the Holy Spirit John Only a believer in Jesus Christ can receive the Holy Spirit; therefore, only a believer can receive the gifts of the Spirit.

God made it clear to her through Scripture and personal revelation that this was not acceptable to God: When I was lost, I truly believed that what I did was for the good of mankind.

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I did not see my professional practices—such as TV appearances and psychic consultations—as sin. From a Former Spiritualist Raphael Gasson, in his book The Challenging Counterfeit, tells of his conversion from spiritualism to Christ and identifying such psychic phenomena as counterfeits of the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit, by his own account having experienced both.

We consider the exercise of it to be the result of demon control and inspiration, its modus operanti to be entirely different from the Divine gift of revelation which leaves the mental faculties untouched and undisturbed. Some people have natural-born spiritual sensitivity.

The curse came back on the shaman and he died. Shamanism is also quite popular in South Korea.

These Koreans who believe in the supernatural power of the Spirit, whether Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, or Pentecostal, are also especially sensitive to the difference between shamanism and the life of the Spirit, and by no means want to be identified with shamanism. Sanford seems to think that all healing is from God, including metaphysical healing. However, some holistic practices and treatments involve New Age practices and thought, which Sanford and Kelsey seem to condone. Some New Age practices can indeed bring a measure of seemingly health and healing, but at a cost.

People can unwittingly succumb to occult or psychic powers by engaging in certain practices, and thus cause more disease and distress in their lives. The may get rid of one problem and find a host of others to take its place. After a serious surgery I had a couple of years ago, I had unrelenting problems with hiccups. With every hiccup, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the abdomen in the locations of the incisions. I could not get rid of them for hours and could not sleep. I prayed and rebuked the hiccups, but they persisted.

The nurses recommended some techniques, but those did not work either. This usually works. It should get rid of your hiccups. Eventually, the surgeon gave me a special medicine and the hiccups finally soon subsided. I had read sometime earlier about the medical community experimenting with therapeutic touch, auras, energy fields, and the like, and the spiritual dangers of this kind of thing.

It is vital to use only means that are not forbidden in Scriptures.

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Psychic healing is real, but its source is not God. Conclusions The neutral naturalistic theory does not hold up to sound biblical interpretation. Scripture would therefore seem to support one or more or a combination of the first three theories mentioned at the beginning of the article: Residue Theory— Humanity was created with para-normal powers in the image of God, but were corrupted, restrained, or short-circuited by the Fall; Lapsogenic Theory originating in the Fall —Psi 28 See Paul C. Reisser, M. I do not make any more of the experiences than that.

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  4. To try to pursue their meaning more fully apart from prayer and biblical meditation would be venturing into dangerous territory. Therefore, supernatural gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit are not just other terms or another advanced form of psi phenomena. They are to be clearly distinguished from psychic powers. Lack of Discernment Sanford has much good, sound teaching on healing and the gifts of the Spirit. In the schema of Sanford, Kelsey, and Clement, there would seem to be few false prophets, just mostly those who need to be cleaned up, come to a higher level, or use their powers more carefully.

    Kelsey fails to counsel repentance of involvement in these matters, thus unwittingly exposing people to the possible demonic bondage. The chart at the end of this article distinguishes the characteristics of psychic power vs. Space limitations of this article do not permit going into detail in these matters.

    Does the Bible take a position on clairvoyance and parapsychology?

    I do hope to write a book some day on discerning true manifestations and gifts from God from psychic, fleshly, and demonic counterfeits. Appeals to developing mental 1. Transforms by renewing the mind powers apart from the Holy Spirit 2. Must be developed by concentration, 2. Causes person to seek within himself 3. Causes person to seek God 4. Glorifies man 4. Glorifies God 5. Often uses a medium or non- 5. Is initiated by the Holy Spirit and scriptural means uses means prescribed solely by Scripture 6.