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Summer Interns have three months of once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Read More. What is the CWRS? Gift Shop Now Featuring. Support National Wildlife refuges - Be a positive voice! Whether you're a hunter, photographer, fisherman, birder, hiker, or just someone who enjoys beautiful, undeveloped places, let them know there is value to protecting and preserving these important locations and resources! Refuge Web Links. She had fled from her violent husband to a women's refuge.

Hundreds of dissidents are seeking refuge in the US embassy. He always refers to the house as his "refuge".

The walkers sought refuge from the storm in a farmer's barn. In the event of an attack , take refuge in the basement. The townspeople had taken refuge in the church.

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Examples of refuge. Seeking refuge in the past may be understood as their means of not being overwhelmed by their anxieties. From Cambridge English Corpus.

Refuge is bird watcher’s paradise

They see, in these miserable paupers in search of a refuge , their future inner enemies, the sign of a siege to come. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Temperatures in artificial refuges were intermediate between these extremes. Microbial life can thus exist in isolated geothermal refuges despite long-term subfreezing surface conditions.

Secondly, the otherwise smooth mudflat surface will have greater heterogeneity, with surface-stranded cockles providing refuges and attachment substrate for other organisms.

Refuge: Stories of the Selfhelp Home

The eastern, southern, and western parts of the island should not be visited and should serve as refuge areas. He argues that this conceptualisation builds a refuge of meaning within the bourgeois romantic critique of industrial society.

http://checkout.midtrans.com/axpe-de-busturia-donde-conocer-chicos.php We compared agouti movement with the locations of refuges and food trees, and the results suggest that the agoutis are central-place foragers. Natural resource-based activities formed the main refuge for poorer households that do not find niches in trading and employment. The second was a stunted radical-democratic impulse which, being denied a more conventional expression, sought refuge in increasing extremities of nationalist belief. People have raised more money on GoFundMe than anywhere else.

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