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The background history that Tismaneanu supplies--especially in regard to the political movements that swept the region between the world wars--is helpful and interesting, but this is essentially a theoretical book, not a history, and pursues its theory on a surprisingly abstract plane. Strangely removed from the events it describes, and needing a much larger dose of praxis. Readers interested in the extraordinary events of would do better to look at Mark Frankland's The Patriots' Revolution reviewed above. All rights reserved.

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Seller Inventory VIB Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Vladimir Tismaneanu. We should not be surprised that parliamentary work is so often subject to the executive arms of the state, when the laws are timid when the reforms are far from what people expect.

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And it is possible to understand how citizens take an interest, everywhere, much more in the presidential elections than in the parliamentary elections. That is extremely dangerous as a democracy cannot be based solely on the popular legitimacy of leaders, however exceptional they may be. Without a powerful Parliament, with no respected, passionate and competent Members, having individually direct contact with the people, democracy will soon come to resemble the populist regimes it is supposed not to emulate.

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The key to the problem lies in the nature of political parties. In the social networks world and a general fragmentation, these organizations founded at the end of the 18th century can no longer fulfill the role assigned to them: help in the formation of a political consensus around a project and ensure a thorough and effective control of the executive.

In the 21st century, in the deep-seated democracies, they must not, therefore, be treated only as machines for nominating candidates. They should be useful.

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And for that reason, they should assume responsibility in the seven following areas:. Thinking about the world and providing a vision to citizens for geopolitical stakes, new values, social movements, technological developments, of the rapport to the world of work, and to culture.

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Monitoring the implementation of such a program by the executive, both at Parliament and in the field. And above all, a new function: parties need to move beyond pleading, they must do and act. They should not just talk about unemployment, poor housing, bureaucracy, and education. They should no longer leave to the NGOs alone the whole responsibility for concrete action. They must themselves become facilitators of social change, launching concrete measures on the key points of their programs.

It is in doing so that they will attract activists, regain the interest of voters, that words and deeds will go hand in hand, that they will be useful to the country, and will protect political renewal from being a ruse of a populism with a human face. That they will make political life again what it should never have ceased to be: the supreme expression of human freedom.

And for that reason, they should assume responsibility in the seven following areas: 1.