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Select web site. Nevertheless, their audience had grown quite large, and it wasn't that surprising that the group's fifth album, Document, became a hit shortly after its fall release. Produced by Scott Litt -- who would produce all of their records over the course of the next decade -- Document climbed into the U.

The following year, the band left I. Records, signing with Warner Bros. The first album under the new contract was Green, which was released on U. Election Day Green continued the success of Document, going double platinum and generating the Top Ten single "Stand. Though they had graduated to stadiums in America, they continued to play clubs throughout Europe.

The Green tour proved to be draining for the group, and they took an extended rest upon its completion in During the break, each member pursued side projects, and Hindu Love Gods, an album Buck, Berry, and Mills recorded with Warren Zevon in , was released. Entering the U.

How to Listen to R.E.M.’s Final Years

Since the bandmembers were exhausted from the Green tour, they chose to stay off the road. Nevertheless, Out of Time became the group's biggest album, selling over four million copies in the U. Though the band had promised a rock album after the softer textures of Out of Time, Automatic for the People was slow, quiet, and reflective, with many songs being graced by string arrangements by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Like its predecessor, Automatic for the People was a quadruple platinum success, generating the Top 40 hit singles "Drive," "Man on the Moon," and "Everybody Hurts.

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Though the record was conceived as a back-to-basics album, the recording of Monster was difficult and plagued with tension. Nevertheless, the album was a huge hit upon its fall release, entering the U. Experiencing some of the strongest sales and reviews of their career, R.

Two months into the tour, Bill Berry suffered a brain aneurysm while performing; he had surgery immediately and had fully recovered within a month. Mills had to undergo abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal tumor in July; a month later, Stipe had to have an emergency surgery for a hernia. Despite all the problems, the tour was an enormous financial success, and the group recorded the bulk of a new album. Before the record was released in the fall of , R. New Adventures in Hi-Fi was released in September , just before it was announced that the band had re-signed with Warner Bros.

In light of such a huge figure, the commercial failure of New Adventures in Hi-Fi was ironic. Though it received strong reviews and debuted at number two in the U. By early , the album had already begun its descent down the charts. However, the members of R. In October of , R. Replacing Berry with a drum machine, the sessions resulted in 's Up, widely touted as the band's most experimental recording in years.

It was only a brief change of direction, since R.

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  • Around the Sun followed in A worldwide tour convened in , which included an appearance at the London branch of Live 8. In , R. The album sported a faster, more guitar-driven sound than Around the Sun, which had received lukewarm reviews and sold poorly, particularly in America. It earned rave reviews and topped charts around the world although it halted at number two in America. For 's Collapse into Now, the band favored a more expansive sound, one that combined Accelerate's rock songs with slower ballads and moody atmospherics. Reviews were mostly positive, and it debuted in the Top Five in America.

    Unexpectedly, in September , R. Immediately after the split, the band issued a double-disc compilation entitled Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage: , covering their years at both I. In the band signed a deal with Concord Bicycle to distribute their Warner recordings, and the first fruits of this partnership surfaced in , when a 25th Anniversary Edition of Out of Time appeared in November of that year. The next installment in this reissue campaign was a 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Automatic for the People in November Apple Music Preview.

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    Upcoming Album. Top Songs See All. Losing My Religion. In Time: The Best of R. Out of Time Document Everybody Hurts. Automatic for the People Out of Time 25th Anniversary Edition The One I Love. Essential Albums See All. Albums See All.