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Where did their vote rise? As this continues, the topline National number becomes even less important than it usually is. If the Tories want to win seats, they need to see improvement in their Ontario and Quebec numbers, and not just pile up votes propping up the egos of safe Prairie incumbents.

Do not try to make any predictions about BC. Just, stop. Step away from BC, slowly, and put it down. This site talks about demographic modelling a lot — the use of educational breakdowns in determining where parties may be rising or falling. Them doing better with University educated voters would go a long way to solving their Ontario problem, as well. The basis for this line of comment has been prospects for big gains in Quebec, gains off the NDP in Ontario and BC, and picking off a couple of Tory seats in Ontario, to the point where they win enough in Central Canada to compensate for losses clearly coming on the coasts.

See author's posts. Scattered Thoughts, Vol. The Battle Of Ontario Has Fizzled… This column started when Frank Graves gave us that jaw-dropping Ontario crosstab two weeks ago now — and, as predicted, it was an outlier.

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The Seacroft series by Allison Temple continues with another great installment, I have to say I was so waiting for this new release, cause I met Avery in the previous title and I fell for him deeply. When I met Lincoln too, I saw how perfect they were going to be together.

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I was over the moon to know Avery was going to have his own HEA. Avery was always so full of enthusiasm, it was impossible to imagine how bad his past could have been. Sure, then I met his uncle and aunt and felt the love the three of them shared and I forget what his own parents did to him.

I feel to recommend this new release and the whole series, Allison Temple is a great author, I found her writing style always so well done and easy to follow, the plots are never shallow. The cover art by Cate Ashwood is perfect, I adore everything she designs, always fitting and eye catching. A wild and dangerous ride takes two lonely men into uncharted territory….

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Instead, he finds himself chasing after a cold-blooded killer on Christmas Day aided—whether he likes it or not—by eager young reporter Jamie Jameson. Jamie has idolized Police Chief Garrett most of his life. Despite a stolen birthday kiss three years earlier, he knows his feelings are unreturned. He too has a job to do and he intends on traveling this bloody and twisted road with Robert Garrett—no matter where it leads.

There is the references to the enemy, ones we find so offensive now but so common then, the food rationing and the men at home, 4F, or the wounded or other reasons. Lanyon easily recreates this historical period of depression, loss, anxiety, and uncertainty with accuracy to the times and location. And we get that. There is a crime scene and a reporter, Jamie Jameson. A young man who has had a crush on Robert for years, definitely not a safe idea in this time and age.

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  • Homosexuality is a crime in this era. You hide it, dare not have a relationship, so laying the framework for one here is interesting. A very fragile HFN story. I thought the characters were well developed, Robert a tad more so than Jamie, with his background in the war, and frankly his years on experience as well.

    The plot and the killer is not only plausible but chilling. You truly felt that everyone here was in danger. My only problem was in how the resolution was reported. As will everyone else with eyesight issues. There was an Epilogue so I gleaned what facts I could about what happened towards the end from that but I still felt as though I had missed so much.

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    I would imagine this is one case where getting the audio version would eliminate that factor and make this a far better story. Slay Ride by Josh Lanyon kept with entertained and on my seat. With the exception of the use of that newspaper article to wrap things up, I thought this was a terrific historic little murder mystery, just the type Lanyon does so well. An incredibly interesting, exciting, hot and sexy story featuring two goalies—both playing for the same team. Yes, loads. Sexual attraction?

    Just as much. The excitement and tension surrounding not only the relationship between the goalies, but also the hockey games and potential to go all the way to the Stanley Cup, kept me riveted. Both men show support for young persons of color to pursue their dreams in professional sports, with a special emphasis on their support for hockey. Ryu Mori grew up with Japanese traditions as the son of a surgeon—his mother—and a skating coach—his father, who is also a former Olympic Medalist figure skater. From the moment he first tried hockey, he knew it would be his life.

    Emmitt Armstrong grew up as the son of a former pro football player who wanted him to follow in his footsteps and never acknowledged his preferred professional career in hockey. His only interest is football—for himself and for Emmitt. Divorced, both parents now live in different states, and Emmitt chose to live in the Chicago area with his mother, who supports his career wholeheartedly, cheering him on every chance she gets.

    Emmitt wants the starting spot, so from the moment he meets the stoic, quiet, focused Ryu Mori, he dislikes him and actively tries to get the starter position away from him. But opposites attract, and it becomes evident they want each other, so when the chance arises, they decide to give in to sexual attraction but go no further. Of course, they become more than just sex buddies, and when the managers decide to use them in tandem during the course of the season, they allow their relationship to grow.

    And then playoffs start and they are once again pitted against each other and the relationship suffers. This story is so exciting. The guys are amazing. The secondary characters are fantastic. The sport is awesome and the excitement the authors build is downright stressful. I highly recommend this story and the first, Off the Ice. Thank goodness, there will be one more in the series. Oh, and by the way, though second in the series, this can easily be read as a stand-alone. The bright cover features a goalie looking toward the opposing team. Sales Links: Carina Press Amazon.

    Off the Ice. Goalie Interference.

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    Cover Design: Cate Ashwood Designs. Check out Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words review here. We just loved it and recommend it to all lovers of contemporary romance! Allison Temple has been a writer since the second grade, when she wrote a short story about a girl and her horse. Allison took that as a challenge and has gone on to try to break her previous record in all her subsequent works.

    She splits her free time between writing, community theater stage management, and traveling anywhere that has good wine. Tragically, this leaves no time to clean her house. When two broken men look to each other for help, an unexpected romance blooms. His only outlet is his blog, where he documents the decline of the garden that had been his pride and joy. Luke is more used to a concrete jungle.

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    He was a high-flyer, living and working in London, until addiction sent him into free fall. A mutual acquaintance suggests Luke visits Stephen to help him out for a while, and a seed of hope is planted. From prickly beginnings, shoots of friendship emerge, blossoming into a deeper connection when they act on their mutual attraction.

    This was only ever supposed to be a temporary arrangement, and soon Stephen will be able to manage on his own again. Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England. He comes from a family of writers, but always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed him by.

    He spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content. One day, Jay decided to try and write a short story—just to see if he could—and found it rather addictive. Jay writes contemporary romance about men who fall in love with other men.

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    • He self-publishes under the imprint Jaybird Press. Can a straightlaced FBI agent fake a relationship with a mob rat long enough to close the case? Maddox hates the Mob. He wants the win, but having to play nice with gorgeous criminal Tanner might be more than he can take. When secrets come out, Tanner and Maddox will have to trust each other with everything they have.

      The premise is great, the story starts strong, but it lacks a lasting connection to the characters. It was easy to forget what was all about. The plot did carry this book. It was short but to the point. I wanted more of everything. More conflict, more passion, more moments to remember. As well as Maddox reactions to all of it. I enjoyed how easy it was for them to be together. And how convincing they were. It can be the cover for any law enforcement or spy book.

      Former Federal Agent Yuri Sorenson had left the bureau behind to become a private investigator. A friend from his old life came to him with a favor, not knowing who else to trust. Yuri had always had a way of keeping his emotional distance from the people he protected, yet that changed the day Clarkson hesitantly limped into his life. What happens when love is confused with pain?

      Was he meant to be more than a plaything or a piece of scenery; he could hope. Two men who know nothing but being broken find that patience and acceptance are harder than losing hope. Is the leap of faith worth the reward of letting someone else in? Dabney writes broken people and does it well. I always look forward to a Dabney novel.

      I anticipate the broken men, the horrific pasts, the abuse, the violence, and yes, the kink. But I want to see how the author will spin it in a new story and situation and romance. I can certainly see the beginnings of that here. But with all things, it starts with the main couple. One that covers domestic violence, child abuse, adult abuse, assault, body image, and a person so beaten down that they have come to equate pain and extreme punishment with admissions of love. That is has occured to both men in different ways …well…the imprint of violence and the shattering of self has left its impact.

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      The author is able to show that devastation on both sides, despite the age differences and how it was delivered home. The relationship between Yuri and Josh is formed rather quickly and that is usually a sticking point with me. However, given their backgrounds, the circumstances under which they meet, and the events that follow, it feels that each fills a need for the other.

      In other words, the author makes their case for the relationship and it works. You can see the need, the healing response, so the timing seems less essential. If you like your romance with some mystery or murder, hot kinky sex, and damaged men in love, look no further than the latest new series from JM Dabney. Rather than risk the very thing that defines him, Miller embarks on a last tour of his favorite meals while he still can.

      Sparks fly as they bond over their love of flavors and the pressures of great expectations. And that together, they can win a battle that once seemed hopeless. I have to get it out there right away that the foodie parts of this book were outstanding to read. The fact that I have absolutely no palate makes the reading and watching all the more for me. His year has been horrific. Since Miller lives and breathes food art, this is unacceptable for him. It is heartbreaking. Clancy is unaware of the health issues of Miller, but of course he studied oncology, so he does eventually figure it out.

      I did think it was unfair of him to make Sloan promise not to tell anyone, including their other best friend, Greg. The moment when Greg asks Miller to be his best person and Miller says no, I wanted to just hug Greg. The whole Sloan aspect shows what a loyal, caring person Miller is and it makes it even harder to watch as he gets sicker. It adds such an air of sorrow to the story as Miller faces his death, gracefully but so stubborn you want to shake him.

      The more he and Clancy fall for each other, the harder it gets.