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Jedi were also able to sense when a close friend or relative was in mortal danger great pain from great distances, sometimes as much as from 10, light years away. This ability was closely related to the more advanced technique of farsight which usually came naturally as a Jedi's ability progressed.

Luke Skywalker was known to have developed this ability while training with Yoda on Dagobah in 3 ABY , when he gained a brief glimpse of his friends in pain on Cloud City. An extension of Force sense, was the Jedi ability of Telepathy. With this ability, Jedi could use the Force to sense a person's feelings, gain impressions or images of their thoughts, or even mentally communicate with other Jedi. Some Force-users had the ability to conceal themselves from other Force-users who might be trying to sense them with the Force. This ability was called " clear mind.

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There are no faces or things that I can imagine that would embody love. This is a strange question. Even things I like to do I find difficult to make myself do. I guess dreaming day dreaming or sleeping comes naturally without effort. If I could write my own obituary I would want to be able to drop all barriers and get off my chest just how frustrating and undesirable this life is. To be remembered for sticking it out and suffering mostly in silence to the end.

Sleep I think. It is hard to say when I don't know what it is like to actually be 'rested and recharged. But all of them were interesting to think about..

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  4. I suppose that was the point. Those 5 questions are important. I try to capture it in my Positive Psychology journal and tracker app Positvt in order to balance my life. I have found my purpose, as I believe you have found yours. Through writing! What better way to reach people; to make them laugh Positive psychology is bunk.

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    The human touch: a neglected feeling

    It is about fooling yourself. Psychology in general is about fooling people into accepting their lot, and carrying on being productive regardless of how they feel inside. It is about social control and maintaining the status quo. You may think you are doing good but you aren't. You are fooling yourself too. How does that make you feel? How does it make me feel?

    Confused, actually-- since it's inherently contradictory. Not sure how a set of questions forcing yourself to think about yourself and your goals and your emotions can also simultaneously make someone "accept their lot" "regardless of how they feel aside.

    Feeling safe, stable and secure

    Thanks for reading! Sense of purpose My entire life I worked in physical labor, a desk job was not for me. I accomplished many personal challenges in my line of work. As a heavy equipment operator in the mining industry and also side jobs the feeling of satisfaction and knowledge that I acquired over the years has calmed my sense of purpose. I never used an alarm clock ever in my life for 40 yrs. Waking up at am and coming home at pm I always seen people in other professions with suits and tie and wondered why am I in a job with so much dirt and grease.

    The reason was this was my comfort zone that I grew into. Now that I am retired I look back and feel proud that the purpose of work was to provide for my family, house ,cars, etc. To really enjoy the purpose of life you must understand the purpose of work. Thanks for this, Andrea. I answered all 5 questions so easily that I now know the reason why I can move forward with my life after my my husband cheated and then abandoned our 3 most beautiful precious children and myself to be with is lover 15 years his junior.

    I am actually happy and excited that I can do what I need to do although things should be stressful I know I am 'working' towards a something greater than my own self happiness, and that is true fullfillment and joy for my heart and soul. Thankyou for making my morning another positive affirmation that life has so much to offer if you let it. Bonus day. I thought of this last week and yesterday. I No longer know. When my kids were close to 7 years old I wanted to either go to the beach, read, or hang out with a friend.

    LIke many people I know, I put limitations on my fun and free time. I wonder how many Moms limit themselves and have no more ideas for fun for learning. Thank you Andrea. Excellent article. I am fortunate to have connected with my purpose and turn it into a 47 year career so far. I especially resonated with FLOW.

    It's a wonderful feeling to facilitate transformation with a group when in Flow. It is remarkable to read an entire article about purpose that is so entirely self-referential. Not one line about finding meaning through understanding God. Not one line about the inherent value, joy and meaning of serving others, whether in a soup kitchen, a library or a womens' shelter. If every question you ask begins and ends with what appeals to you, you will find many things, but purpose and meaning will not be among them.

    For many people, helping others is a fundamental part of their purpose, and indeed it's known to boost well-being significantly. But that's kind of the whole point-- people will discover that when they think about what they love and how they want to spend their time and what they want to leave behind. This is part of what makes us better versions of ourselves, more fully alive, and more humane. Thank you for that incredible insight.

    Remember: We all feel lonely sometimes

    I now know for sure that I have led my life in the right direction. People are my main purpose. Family, friends and clients. People are my life and helping others is my reason for existence. Like this reading, like the comments. Plenty to think about. If I could do anything, I'd love to right. It much fun to right. I right about that and this. Hopefulli I will be good at it some day. Hello Mam, Firstly I would like to say that your above article is an excellent one, may be the best in terms of the linguistics and explanatory levels.

    Division in types of Happiness - completely agree. Theme is - What drives people to turn their ideas, dreams, thoughts, personal beliefs or notions into reality? Now, there is an another segment of people living out with us. They get an idea, it motivates them and they get really turned ON to execute it. A variety of conditions can cause impaired sensation.

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    If you experience sudden loss of sensation, it may be a sign of stroke. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment. Numbness in the limbs is a common symptom associated with several different conditions, such as neurological damage. Get the facts on diagnosis and…. Numbness in your hands isn't always cause for concern.

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    It could be a sign of carpal tunnel or a medication side effect. When a medical condition…. The symptoms of stroke can come on suddenly and without warning. A stroke happens when blood flow to your brain is interrupted. Sudden headache, loss…. Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, from skin to gut, and more. Here's five changes you may see or feel just by taking more….

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    You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. But if that doesn't work, here are 6 other hacks to try. Identifying your triggers can take some time and self-reflection. In the meantime, there are things you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety….