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Do you ever struggle with the question, "Why am I here? Did you know that your soul has a blueprint?

From time to time, we wonder about the mystery that exists in our day to day experiences and events that happen in our lives. Some parts of these events are beyond our control and some are not. We are all here to experiment the theory that we learnt before we decided to embark upon our journey in this lifetime. Sometimes life does not go as far as what was originally intended in the years of previous planning. Well, welcome to planet earth!

It is, of course, alright to make mistakes in life as long as we deal with the experience in an appropriate way. In other words, your individual response to what happens to you in your experience or lesson is as important as the circumstance itself. We are not perfect as a human race and we are far from reaching our full potential in terms of our universal understanding, despite the technological advancement we have at the moment.

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Even with the vast amount of available technology, we are still far from what we can really achieve when we tap into the energy that is provided to us by the universe, yet remains still to be acknowledged by the majority of us. This numerology series is about blueprint numerology from my perspective and personal experiences with the numbers. Blueprint Numerology is a down-to-earth science. If we really apply it seriously, we can attain a better result in understanding our circumstances.

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If we allow skepticism to take place, in reality, nothing will evolve or move in our lives. It is not about the history of numerology.

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  5. We are not discussing the method or technique I will be using here because it does not matter. You can use any technique because I believe all methods will bring you the same result when applied properly.

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    The Blueprint of Your Soul

    The basic cycle of the digits 1 through 9 is used in numerology to symbolize the human life cycle. Within the range of these nine numbers lies the potential for the total life experience, including all things physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We always reduce the number into one single digit with the exception of the Master Numbers 11, 22, and These numbers have been found to have a special significance that precludes their reduction to their single essence of 2, 4, and 6.

    The characteristics of these numbers are beyond the range of normal human experiences.

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    The experiences these numbers can bring are only for the highly enlightened and the highly evolved. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 never stop creating the future.

    A Beacon of Light

    These vibrations are the threshold of change and progress in the world. Do not allow your ego to take an exaggerated effect on you and your sense of purpose here in this lifetime.

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    Maybe you are special, by all means, but by having these vibrations in your surroundings only mean you might have a greater responsibility in terms of making changes in your surroundings or the world. There is no number in all the numbers 1 to 9 or the Master Numbers that can claim to be better than the others, but each number can bring a different experience to the person who has that vibration.

    Your soul was encoded with the Blueprint of Awakening Consciousness

    Why do we need these vibrations or experiences? That will depend upon you, individually in respect to your evolution and where you are going with it.

    Mapping The Blueprint of Your Soul

    When I will go through all the different explanations in subsequent articles, I will list the different meanings of each number, from both positive and negative points of view, but that does not imply you will have all the qualities of those numbers that apply to you. People may have similar numbers or vibrations, however, that does not mean they are exactly the same in terms of their personalities or characteristics.

    On the contrary, they can be distinct opposites in terms of their understanding of life.