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Venture Capital. The Keystone Group has a long history pioneering new industries and opportunities. As such, we are actively interested in all types of UK based concepts and businesses. Whilst we cannot undertake all of the opportunities that are presented to us, we are happy to cast an eye over everything and provide for where necessary.

We are able to work alongside active investors as well as the concept originator to provide management and directorship support in the growing of a business. We are often able to shortcut growth paths based on the history and experience and infrastructure. If you are interested in presenting a concept to our company you should in the first instance please submit your details below:.

The Keystone Group owns and operates a number of key high-profile properties in central London and the Home Counties.

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To date the company operates licensed premises as free houses, 2 hotels, a holiday park, Brewery, offices and some residential property. We have further developed consultancy solutions for our customers in our recruitment divisions together with our own use for providing staffing to these industries. We actively search our opportunities which generate a freehold opportunity whereby a high-quality service delivery and niche opportunities prominent. The Keystone Group of Companies. Keystone House Hostel. Email: reception keystone-house. Keystone House is a bed hostel housed in a 5 storey redbrick townhouse located in the heart of London and within two minutes walk from Kings Cross and St Pancras stations.

Kings Cross and St. Il migliore del viaggio fino ad ora. Traveling with family and was staying across the street. We went by and the place looked interesting so we made reservation for the next day. Pleasantly surprised. Good food and s drinks served with excellent service.

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Was passing by with friends; and from outside this place looks awesome. Service is excellent but the food menu is extremely limited. Basically burgers, pizza, regular salad. This place has great potential if they could add a few more variety in the menu.

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The wine list also short Sign up Sign in. San Francisco Bay Area. Overview Photos Menu Reviews. The Keystone. Top Tags : Business Meals.

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  5. Bar Seating. Good for Groups. The Keystone fosters a social atmosphere with traditional Bay Area cuisine.

    Located in the center of San Francisco, the restaurant has a full bar with unique mixed drinks, such as the Skywalker, made of Scotch, honey, lime, Pernod and star anise. Executive Anthony Lee prepares American cuisine with an international influence. The Keystone is a great place for co-workers to meet, friends to socialize and groups to hold parties. Patrons of The Keystone can enjoy tasty starters such as roasted cauliflower and oysters on the half shell.


    A bar menu offers burgers, fries, bacon pizza and wings. Dinner and lunch menus are available, and the restaurant is open Monday to Friday from a. Bar opening at pm on weekends. Romaine Salad. County Line Farm Lettuces. Draft Beers. View full menu. What People Are Saying. Reviews can only be made by diners who have eaten at this restaurant. Loved For. Sort by. Highest rating. Lowest rating. Overall 5 food 5 service 5 ambience 4. Overall 5 food 5 service 5 ambience 5.

    OpenTable Diner. Overall 4 food 4 service 3 ambience 5. Overall 5 food 4 service 5 ambience 5. Overall 4 food 5 service 4 ambience 4. Overall 3 food 2 service 4 ambience 3. Overall 2 food 4 service 5 ambience 4. Overall 5 food 5 service 4 ambience 4.

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    Overall 4 food 3 service 4 ambience 4. Overall 4 food 4 service 4 ambience 4. Overall 2 food 2 service 2 ambience 3. Overall 3 food 2 service 3 ambience 3. Overall 4 food 4 service 4 ambience 3.

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    Overall 5 food 4 service 5 ambience 4. Dined on February 28, Dined on February 15, Overall 3 food 4 service 1 ambience 4. Dined on December 15, Overall 4 food 5 service 5 ambience 3. Overall 4 food 3 service 5 ambience 4. Overall 3 food 2 service 5 ambience 4. Overall 1 food 4 service 1 ambience 1. Dined on September 29, Dined on September 20, Dined on September 2, Edited, Dec 28th am by Rargrag. Comment by Allakhazam Things have changed slightly due to one of the patches. Fozruk now has 3 caster sidekicks which makes taking him down a little more interesting.

    Comment by Allakhazam Does Fozruk have random spawn points or can he always be found at the given co-ordinates. Comment by Allakhazam 44 lock Comment by Allakhazam After you kill Fozruk and get the quest item, you take it to the keystone. A level 42 elite "Forzuk clone" as someone called him spawns, just as stated here in another post. This will complete this part of the series and allow you to continue to the next step. The first time I tried it I kited him through the whole damn map. If u kite him his guys will go back at one point.

    The 2nd time I just killed one of his guys at a time then feign deathed or ran. Then when he was by himself I just attacked him. But I just kited him around and killed him Comment by Allakhazam If Thenan the Fozruk clone kills you when he appears, you can still complete the quest. It's not far to the Circle from the Alliance graveyard at Refuge Pointe. When I resurrected, the giant was still there, but he ignored me.

    By the time I'd built up my health and ressed my pet, he had vanished and I thought I'd have to do the quest again. Just to see what would happen, I clicked on the keystone and it gave me the next step of the quest. I also noticed that Fozruk is quite hard to see for a giant!

    He vanishes from view when he's still quite close - at least on my machine. I could still see mobs that seemed to be further away than him. Not sure if anyone else gets that happening - could just be my view settings. Comment by Allakhazam killed the clone without getting hit -- lvl 43 frost mage. Managed to solo him at 44, but barely. Comment by Allakhazam solod as a 44 rogue and it was a real pain.

    Comment by Allakhazam keystone earth elementals.

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    After clearing out some earth elementals, it was no problem taking down the Foz clone twice. Comment by Allakhazam Fozruk wanders around the whole map with his two sidekicks. His wandering path can be seen here. You can wait for him anywhere preferably where adds aren't a problem. It may take some time 'til he shows up, but he's HUGE, so once he comes around, there's no worry about missing him. Edited, Sat Dec 17 Comment by Allakhazam thenan a 42 elite giant spawns right next to the monolith.

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    Comment by Allakhazam Killed him and couldn't loot him. Said I didn't have permission and then the corpse disappeared. Comment by Allakhazam After obtaining the Rod of Order, where is the Keystone that is needed to take it to Please let me know Breaking the Keystone. The Keystone is charged with tremendous geomantic energy.

    You place the rod in the keystone. And a shudder is felt beneath you Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post?