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Return to the world of Midkemia…Ancient powers are readying themselves for a devastating confrontation, and a dark queen has raised a standard and is gathering armies of unmatched might. Into this battleground of good and evil a band of desperate men are forced whose only hope for survival is to face this ancient power and discover its true nature. Their quest is at best dangerous and at worst suicidal. The serpent god SET plans to usher in an eternity of darkness, and only the chosen warriors across time and space have a hope of stopping.

Studios presents a widescreen comic that catalogs the life and times of one Joe Christmas.

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In this holiday calendar-inspired comic, experience 25 all new short stories of Klaus teaming up with Joe Christmas over the years! This sci-fi thriller for mature readers imagines a not-so-distant future-a world of norms and syms, divided by fear.

Syms, a small percentage of the population with telekinetic abilities, form gangs to survive. But division only breeds more division, and Mer and Nuon experience this firsthand as they become entangled in the often dramatic, sometimes violent, but always complex social landscape of sym gang. Lara has spent the time learning to be more human, and Carrie Kelley has been growing into her new role as Batwoman.

The Serpentwar Saga

But a terrifying evil has returned to Gotham City, and Lara and Carrie must team up to stop this growing threat-and they have a secret weapon. A mysterious murder brings together the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the search for a killer — but no one can imagine where the trail will lead, or how it will affect everything in and beyond! Who is the victim and who is the assailant?

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Pug and the Conclave of Shadows are determined to find Varen, only to discover that he has usurped the body of one of the most powerful men in the Empire of Tsuranuani - a Black Robe and member of the Assembly of Magicians. Pug has the almost impossible task of uncovering the true identity of the fiendish magician in an entire city full of Black Robes.

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Murder, mayhem, horror, and the darkest evil await Pug's son, Magnus, and his companions as they attempt to discover the ultimate source of the terrible threat that hovers over Midkemia and Kelewan. Leading a desperate expedition into the realm of the Dasati, the vast and malevolent empire which is threatening his homeworld, Magnus hopes to find the key to defeating this enemy who is capable of overwhelming the combined might of two worlds.

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