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They do it standing up against the old stones of Venice; one imagines the ghost of James turning aside with a shudder. Iain Softley's film, written by Hossein Amini , emphasizes Kate's desperation and downplays her cold calculation. It softens the villainy of Merton by making it clear how desperately Millie does want to be involved in a romance with him; is he simply granting her dying wish? There is another fugitive strand of affection in the film that I did not sense in the book: Millie and Kate genuinely like each other, and it's almost as if they strike an unexpressed bargain, in which Kate lets Millie have the use of Merton--lets her find what she came to Europe for.

The money is crucial, of course, but too vulgar to be discussed. In its stark outlines, this plot would be at home on a daytime talk show "Sold her lover to a dying rich girl''. But the film sets it at a time when standards were higher, when society had clear expectations of moral behavior. The reason we're so fascinated by the adaptations of James, Austen, Forster and the others is that their characters think marriage, fidelity, chastity and honesty are important. In modern movies, the characters have no values at all. In "The Wings of the Dove,'' there is a fascination in the way smart people try to figure one another out.

The film is acted with great tenderness. If the three central characters had been more forthright, more hedonistic, we wouldn't care nearly as much. But all three have a certain tact, a certain sympathy for the needs of the others. At the end, when Millie knows the score, she can at least be grateful that she got to play the game. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. He and a fr Reviews Wings Of The Dove Print Page Tweet What happens in Henry James takes place deep within stories where, on the surface, the characters go languidly about their lives of privilege.

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Cancel Resend Email. The Wings of the Dove Add Article. The Wings of the Dove Critics Consensus The Wings of the Dove patiently explores class divisions in early 20th century Europe through the well-written and beautifully acted travails of star-crossed lovers. Want to see.

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  • Super Reviewer. View All Photos 1. Movie Info. British director Ian Softley's take on this lesser-known Henry James novel offers a tightly-woven, witty look at clashing social classes in turn-of-the-century Europe as it tells the tale of a strong-willed aristocratic girl who takes drastic measures to marry her lower-class lover.


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    Drama , Romance. Iain Softley.

    Hossein Amini. Sep 14, Helena Bonham Carter as Kate Croy. Linus Roache as Merton Densher. Alison Elliott as Millie Theale. Charlotte Rampling as Aunt Maude. Elizabeth McGovern as Susan. Michael Gambon as Kate's father. Alex Jennings as Lord Mark.

    The Wings of the Dove Summary & Study Guide

    Ben Miles as Journalist 1. Philip Wright as Journalist 2. Alexander John as Butler. Shirley Chantrell as Opium Den Lady. Diana Kent as Merton's Party Companion. Georgio Serafini as Eugenio. Embed This Book. Copy and paste the below script into your own website or blog to embed this book. The Wings of the Dove. In this witty tragedy of treachery, self-deception, and betrayal, Henry James weaves together three ill-fated and wholly human destinies unexpectedly linked by desire, greed, and salvation.

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