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The biggest danger is from a family that the reader is sure to find exciting. Find The Scarecrow and His Servant at your local library. Have you read the Brothers Grimm classic book of fairy tales?

That is what sisters Sabrina and Daphne Grimm thought until their parents mysteriously disappeared one day. After being shuffled through several foster homes, they end up with a woman named Relda Grimm. Relda claims to be their grandmother and informs the sisters that the fairy tales are actually historical events collected by their ancestors, whose role has always been to maintain the fragile peace between the humans and the Everafters, the proper term for fairy-tale creatures.

Daphne, the younger sister, loves Relda and their new life, while Sabrina is skeptical. Everything changes, however, when their grandmother and Mr. Canis, the butler, are kidnapped by a giant and the girls have no choice but to rescue their newfound family. Daphne is in second grade, with Snow White as a teacher, and school could not be more fun. Sabrina, on the other hand, is in sixth grade and quickly discovers that the entire sixth-grade teaching staff is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Not only that, but the majority of the students sleep through every class and have not done their homework. This gorgeously weird novel holds readers entranced in a spell woven of moonlight, owls and poetry. Among the many pleasures of this atmospheric and stunningly beautiful novel are the characters of Michael, a deeply empathetic boy, and Mina, who studies birds and William Blake and who should be the poster child for home schooling — and the tender and touching relationship Michael and Mina develop in caring for Skellig and worrying about his baby sister.

Find Skellig at your local library. A rollicking adventure told by young Gratuity Tucci, this is the story of the invasion of Earth by aliens known as the Boov.

Time travel: Time Travel Adventures of The Club

All Americans are relocated to Florida but then to Texas, once the Boov figure out the joys of orange juice. Gratuity only wants to find her mom. She sets out on her own, joins forces with a renegade Boovian mechanic named J. Lo, has to figure out how to save the Earth, and then the Boov from the Gorg. Good grief, what a mess! But Gratuity Tucci is a heroine of the most invincible kind: a small, year-old girl. And in the grand tradition of small, year-old girls everywhere, she is completely underestimated by absolutely everyone!

Find The True Meaning of Smekday at your local library. In this enduring winter classic, Hans and his sister Gretel must find a way to help their desperately poor family survive. Continuously in print since , this is a timeless classic of love and loyalty to share with a new generation. Find Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates at your local library. Snow Wings is a fantasy where evil forces have taken over the world.

Six kids must learn to face their fears and work together to save the planet in this page-turner that takes its heroes on alpine adventures involving avalanche rescues, ski races, snow lizards, flying sleighs and magical snowmen. An engaging fantasy mixed with a modern-day thriller.

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Find Snow Wings at your local library. Short chapters present dramatic accounts of real incidents, such as an expedition to untangle a gorilla from an antelope snare or the rescue of an orphaned baby gorilla. Factual information about these endangered animals is included, as well as full-color photos of the gorillas and the doctors. This book will appeal to animal lovers and to kids thinking of careers as veterinarians or naturalists.

Add to that a sidebar of mystery on every page, and they will learn the relationships between the characters in no time. Find Mythology at your local library. This nonfiction text offers older students the chance to explore the genres of writing in an easy-to-use format. The characters and illustrations were found to be intriguing enough to make students want to finish the book. Secrets of Writing at your local library. Parents and teachers alike, if you want a fun and innovative way to motivate your math students, this book is for you! Tang cleverly teaches problem solving through the use of mind-stretching riddles.

Children are taught to look for patterns and solve problems in unexpected ways. Find The Grapes of Math at your local library. The name of the book alone gets readers to pick it up. This book contains much more than just trivia. Young chefs will enjoy this lively cookbook that includes more than 70 recipes from every region of the world. The format is friendly with clear ingredient lists and numbered directions. There are pronunciation guides for foreign names, interesting food and cultural facts for instance, in Ireland, salmon is the most prized fish and thought to have magical powers , and bright and colorful illustrations of the dishes.

by Ralph Ellison

This book would be a great way to get the whole family into the kitchen and cooking together. Recipes that Take You Places at your local library. If the Addams Family had a favorite cookbook, this would be it. Aficionados will recognize some of the dishes from Mr. While some of the recipes may sound fairly disgusting, none of them really is.

The titles alone are enough to fill young and mischievous cooks with glee as they look forward to presenting company with a plate of Soil with Engine Oil or some Boiled Slobbages. Parents, please note: While the dishes are calculated to appeal to younger appetites, the directions may get a bit overwhelming for junior chefs. Adult supervision is the rule rather than the exception here, so get a firm grip on your sense of humor and wade on in.

Perfect for the curious child, this guide — filled with eco-friendly activities and puzzles — shows them how to reduce waste, recycle materials and protect plants and animals. A great find, A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids features the very latest information about the causes and effects of climate change without being heavy-handed. He draws on his experiences covering Katrina and its aftermath to provide younger readers with a first-hand look at the deadly storms we call hurricanes. Along with his eyewitness accounts, there is information about what scientists currently know about how and why hurricanes form, how they are tracked, and how they impact coastal areas.

Precautions and planning for future storms are also discussed. Dramatic color photos enhance the solid information presented in this book. Find Hurricane Force at your local library. Young readers who enjoy basketball will love this book. Beyond the usual retelling of the history of the game the physical education teacher who nailed the peach baskets to the gymnasium balcony to give athletes something to do in the winter , this book provides information about the rules of the game, how to become a better player, anecdotes about legendary players, how equipment has evolved over time and tips on game strategy.

Conversational text is interspersed with lively illustrations, diagrams and photographs. Even reluctant readers might actually take a break from shooting hoops to read this one. Find How Basketball Works at your local library. DIY kids will love this book. Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself begins with an introduction to the Renaissance and a biography of da Vinci, including excerpts from his notebooks and reproductions of his drawings.

  • Cardinal Newman as a Musician.
  • Witchblood (Witchblood Series Book 1).
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Adult supervision is recommended where appropriate. For kids who like science and nature. This is the second book in a five-book series and actually the best one to start with.

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Cooper convincingly combines fantasy elements with folklore and mythology. Will Stanton meets his destiny on his 11th birthday. He is the Sign-Seeker, last of the immortal Old Ones, who must find and guard the six great Signs of the Light that will overcome the ancient evil that is overpowering the land. This classic fantasy is a bit slow, but enthralling. Find The Dark Is Rising at your local library.

Pirateology is loaded with envelopes to be opened, journals and letters to pore over, and codes to be deciphered. Along the way, children learn about navigation, history, zoology and more.

Ingersoll Lockwood books link to present day Trumps

Real pirate lore is seamlessly blended with fictional narrative even the publishing credits are disguised so as not to break the mood , and the old-fashioned illustrations are top notch. Another notable feature is that the pirate pursued here is female, making this book appeal to readers of both genders.

Find Pirateology at your local library. From camels to elephants to boats and trolleys, this is an inspirational look at the great lengths that some librarians go to to bring books to children around the world. Fascinating facts, historical details, endearing animal photographs and some famous people with their pets are presented in a colorful and inviting format that provides young pet lovers with an abundance of reasons for why we love our furry or feathered friends.

The hook: Here is another sweet animal tale from the author of Babe. Aside from the Water Horse eating a swan, there is little to be concerned about here. Families who read this book could discuss the Loch Ness Monster. Do you think it could be real? Why or why not? How might a story like this have gotten started? Your children might be interested in doing a little research and seeing the supposed photos of the monster.

Want to see the movie? Find The Water Horse at your local library. Brilliant, tiny Kevin suffers from a crippling disease that causes him to wear leg braces and keeps his body from growing. This poignant, often funny book deals with intense subject matter and packs strong messages about friendship, bravery, and accepting those who are different.

Find Freak the Mighty at your local library. Please enter a valid email address. Thank you for signing up! Server Issue: Please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience. We enjoy spending longer in a place, while discovering its history and culture. We put more emphasis on comfort, more emphasis on a temperate climate, good food, decent infrastructure, and a variety of activities where there Mark Twain November 30, — April 21, , real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer.

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